#298 – Attention Amazon Sellers: Important Shipping Update

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    Attention Amazon Sellers: Important Shipping Update. There’s a new mandatory shipping requirement in the US you must be aware of. If you’re shipping boxes over 15 kg (33lb), you MUST now include a “Team Lift”/”Heavy Package” safety label. This is required on the top and sides of each heavyweight box – that’s a total of 5 labels per box. This rule isn’t new for UK/EU sellers, but it’s a major update for the US. Don’t ignore it. If you don’t label your boxes in China, you’ll face steep costs to add these labels in the US.
    Ultrafast Order Fulfillment for Amazon FBM and Seller Fulfilled Prime. Amazon has introduced higher FBA fees yet again starting Mar 1. Protect your margin by switching to merchant fulfillment through Cahoot, the only 5-Star Rated solution on the Amazon App Store. Cahoot’s 100+ warehouses offer fast fulfillment at 30% lower cost. With SFP enrollment now open (watch educational webinar), you can enjoy the Prime Badge without dealing with the higher FBA fees and hassles! Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.
    Are you an ecommerce business owner who wants to take control of your finances? Look no further! With Viably’s innovative tools and tailored funding options, you can effortlessly track your cash flow, get working capital, and forecast future growth. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to financial simplicity. Get started today and unlock the power to optimize your shop’s offerings! Cruxfinder Exclusive: Free 30 minute growth meeting with our specialists, no strings attached. Map your forecast, include your goals, and find where working capital may fit best for you.
    How much is your Amazon business worth? At Flippa, we know.  We know because Flippa is the world’s #1 marketplace for buying and selling Amazon stores with more buyers than anywhere else. Amazon stores sell fast on Flippa. From $50,000 to $50,000,000, Flippa has buyers looking to acquire great Amazon businesses every day.  The Flippa Valuation tool uses sales data and our historical index in combination with your inputs to create an accurate valuation of your business. Easy. 
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    Stay Ahead of Amazon Fees in 2024. 2024 has brought about some of the most complex Amazon fees yet. Feedvisor’s Quick Reference Guide saves you the headache of sifting through the latest updates. From brand-new inventory charges to costly referral and category fees, stay ahead of the game by keeping essential dates at your fingertips. Download it now. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Free 14 Day Trial.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Double your cart conversion rates with new “Premium A+ Content” module. Amazon Premium A+ Content goes a step beyond your basic product description and gives a similar premium shopping experience to your customers. It allows brands to go beyond the ordinary, creating visually stunning and engaging product pages that captivate customers and drive conversions. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Amazon Premium A+ Content. Discover how Premium A+ can help you drive traffic, increase conversions, boost sales, and gain valuable insights to help you make informed decisions about leveraging this advanced content management tool.
    Amazon product listing optimization checklist for 2024. This Amazon product listing optimization checklist helped our clients make $50 million in sales last month (…steal it to sell more on Amazon):
    Find product opportunities no one else can on Amazon. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. This tool is your go-to source for tracking the hottest Amazon search trends. 1000+ Top Amazon sellers use Trending Terms to discover emerging keywords & products, improve Amazon SEO, optimize PPC campaigns, and reduce ACoS. Sign-up for Free plan to access exploding trends.
    eCommerce Trends
    How to Buy UPC Codes for Amazon in 2024. Before you can create a listing for your new product on Amazon, there’s one crucial step you need to take care of — purchasing a UPC. While it may sound a little intimidating to a new seller, the process is relatively simple. In this article, we’ll go over what a UPC is, why you need one, and where to purchase one that’s compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.
    Looking for sell on Shein marketplace with zero fees. Shein Group Ltd is recruiting Amazon sellers to its new online marketplace. The ecommerce retailer is primarily known for selling apparel online. Since May 2023, Shein has launched its marketplace in Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S., with further plans to expand to Europe. The marketplace will eventually extend beyond Shein’s largest categories, the retailer says.
    How to Negotiate Vendor Terms with Amazon in 2024. If you sell through Vendor Central on Amazon, you know the call: Every year, the online retailer invites its suppliers to participate in annual trade negotiations, also known as Joint Business Plans (JBP) or Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN). Vendor negotiations with Amazon can feel overwhelming and complex to manage. But don’t worry! In this guide, you’ll gain clarity about what to expect and how to prepare and negotiate your trade terms with the online retailer.

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