#296 – How Amazon Advertising Can Catapult Your Organic Ranking on SERP

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    How Amazon Advertising Can Catapult Your Organic Ranking on SERP. The ultimate goal for any Amazon seller is to bring their product to the top of the search page for Amazon organically. But unfortunately, that dream doesn’t come true for everyone. Instead, Amazon sellers have to rely on Sponsored Ads to bring traffic to their listings. But does that mean your listings will never rank organically on the top of the search results? Is the money you invest in advertising campaigns, hoping for a boost in organic ranking from the advertising flywheel, worth it? In this blog, you will learn how Amazon ad spending affects organic ranking on Amazon and how you can use it to your advantage.
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    Sell you Amazon FBA Store in Just One Week. Mark Segal is no stranger to starting and selling businesses. But he never imagined selling his Amazon business would happen so fast. Mark had the idea for designer wall clocks and soon after setting up his Amazon FBA store, he started to see growth. After 3 years, Mark decided it was time to sell, “The team from Flippa was really a major help. It was kind of like a concierge service where the guys jump on and they give you all sorts of advice, whether it’s optimizing the listing or helping with valuation.” Read Mark’s exit story here.
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    Sales Growth Strategies
    Amazon Adds Metric Designed to Help Sellers Avoid the New FBA Low-Inventory Fee. Amazon introduced a new metric to help sellers who use its FBA fulfillment services avoid a new fee that will go into effect in the New Year. The new “low inventory fee” will apply if a product’s inventory levels relative to historical demand is below 28 days. The new metric announced this week is designed to help sellers better manage their inventory to help them avoid the low inventory fee.
    Amazon Fulfillment Fees 2024: The Ultimate Guide. Brace yourself, sellers! Amazon recently unveiled sweeping changes to its Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees taking effect in 2024. From storage and removal rates to processing revisions spanning prep services, defects, sizes, and more, merchants must unravel an intricate web of fee updates.
    Expect more Chinese sellers on Amazon marketplace in 2024. Amazon is making a fresh appeal to China-based sellers as it fends off growing competition from discount online retailers Temu and Shein, which both have roots in the world’s second-largest economy. At a conference that began Tuesday and runs through Friday, Amazon said it plans to open an “innovation center” near Shenzhen, a hub for technology companies and cross-border e-commerce that’s often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley.
    eCommerce Trends
    Boost your Sales Velocity on Amazon. As the competition on Amazon gets fiercer day by day, it’s getting difficult to get your listing in front of shoppers, let alone generate sales consistently! However, sales velocity is one of the most important metrics Amazon takes into consideration to rank the product on Amazon SERP organically. Not just that, Amazon also uses positive signals, like higher sales velocity, to assign best-seller badges to product listings, even if the listings have fewer ratings and reviews. In this blog, we’ll discuss different strategies to increase your sales velocity on Amazon.
    Product Opportunity Explorer just got even better! This is one of my favorite Amazon tools, and it just got a upgrade! Here’s what’s new: ▶ Enhanced Customer Review Insights ▶ Returns Data ▶ Improved Impact Analysis.
    Top 10 training videos for new Amazon sellers. New to selling in the Amazon store? Looking to grow your business with new strategies and core features? Seller University is a free learning resource designed to help you get started and build a business with Amazon.

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