#293 – Brace for Higher FBA Fees in 2024

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    Brace for Higher FBA Fees in 2024. Amazon has just dropped a bombshell announcement – the eCommerce giant is implementing its most significant FBA fee changes to date. Strap in, as we unravel the layers of this fee adjustment puzzle, dissecting how each update may impact your margins.
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    Sales Growth Strategies
    How To Use The Search Query Performance Report To Win Market Share On Amazon. In this detailed guide, we will explore how to utilize the Search Query Performance Report effectively to gain a competitive edge on Amazon. We’ll go into practical tactics that can both help you preserve your current position and take you to new heights of success.
    Shein Forces Amazon To Lower Seller Fees. Amazon will lower the transaction fee it charges sellers from 17% to just 5% for under-$15 apparel items as it faces Shein’s competition. Amazon is the largest clothing retailer in the U.S., including online and offline retail. But it charges sellers a 17% fee plus additional fees for fulfillment and advertising, making it one of the most expensive Amazon categories to sell in. Amazon increased the fee to 17% from 15% five years ago, in April 2018.
    How to Optimize Your Returns Process. Your return policy thus drives conversion, and your returns process retention. With that in mind, let’s discuss how you can optimize your overall procedures to improve your post-purchase experience and build customer loyalty.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon rolls out changes to listing requirements—see what’s new. “Starting December 11, 2023, the requirements to create listings will change for all products in Amazon’s worldwide stores (1750 types) except those from media, digital and handmade categories. Impacted product types and attributes are available in this spreadsheet. These updates will reduce listing errors caused when attributes are required but may not be marked as “”required”” when you list a product. The changes are also designed to help customers make more informed purchase decisions.
    Amazon Rolls Out Biggest and Most Complex Fee Increase Ever. Amazon today announced its biggest fee increase ever, and more aggravatingly, the most complex fee increase ever. I’ll try to walk you through exactly what fees are changing and how it affects you. Warning—it’s complex (probably deliberately by Amazon) and there’s a lot to absorb.
    How Can I Reach My Full Potential In The Amazon PPC Space? In need of a New Year’s Resolution? We’ve got you covered. Michael sits down with Gonza Martinez of Ziresquare to discuss how to reach your maximum potential in the Amazon PPC Space. Gonza will discuss how he got started and his best practices he’s learned along the way. A perfect episode for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of E-Commerce.

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