#286 – Ship FBA Inventory from China to the US at a Lower Cost

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    Ship FBA inventory from China to the US at a lower cost. Now you can ship your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory from China to our US fulfillment centers at a lower cost with Seller Export and Delivery. Seller Export and Delivery is an Amazon Partnered Carrier program that handles your FBA shipping, including customs clearances and door-to-door pickup and delivery. The program is integrated into Seller Central and offers a simplified FBA experience with Amazon-negotiated shipment rates, seamless payments, and end-to-end tracking.
    Funding inventory is challenging and traditional financing options don’t serve the unique needs of eCommerce sellers. Kickfurther solves this problem by funding up to 100% of your inventory costs at flexible payment terms. Kickfurther’s unique funding platform can fund your entire order(s) each time you need more inventory, so you can put your capital to work growing your business without adding debt or giving up equity. “Kickfurther is the perfect funding solution for our Amazon sales. Kickfurther’s funding helped keep us up with the ever-growing demands where we had the opportunity to sell more inventory.”
    Joel Fleischman, Sullivan’s Distribution. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Receive 50% off one month of Kickfurther PRO.
    Flippa Insights: Unlocking the Power of Profit Multiples. Check out the latest stats from sold businesses and see how your online business stacks up: 
    – Flippa’s average annual profit multiple stands at 3.03x.
    – It’s a good time to sell that content business you’re holding on to: Flippa sold a six-year-old content business for a peak annual profit multiple of 5.93x.
    – Service business multiples have soared to a high of 5x the annual profit.
    – For SaaS businesses valued at $250K+, the average annual profit multiple is currently 3.6x.
    – The top Ecommerce profit multiple was 4.7x. This was a 19-year-old hair-loss prevention Ecom business. 
    Compare the value of your online business with the latest profit multiples and insight data from Flippa. 
    Get a free valuation >
    What is Amazon Live and how does it compare to the better known Amazon Ads program? Learn the Pros, Cons and synergies of these two on-Amazon marketing programs in this comprehensive guide from ZonVids. Ready to have your product featured on Amazon Live? Get your first placement on Amazon’s premier shoppable video platform for as little as $99.
    Discover rapidly growing keyword searches on Amazon! In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. This tool is your go-to source for tracking the hottest Amazon search trends. 1000+ Top Amazon sellers use Trending Terms to discover emerging keywords & products, improve Amazon SEO, optimize PPC campaigns, and reduce ACoS. Sign-up for Free plan to access Category and Brands trends right away!
    Sales Growth Strategies
    How To Use The Search Query Performance Report To Win Market Share On Amazon. One powerful tool that can impact your market share and sales performance is the Search Query Performance Report in Brand Analytics.  This comprehensive report provides insights that can empower you to make informed decisions and take actions to stay ahead of the competition.
    How Investing in Amazon Market and Product Research Can Increase Online Profits. In the vast and competitive world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the game is essential for business success. Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon seller or just starting out, one of the most valuable strategies you can adopt is investing in thorough market and product research. This investment can significantly boost your online profits and help you make informed decisions about which products to sell and how to sell them. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of market and product research on Amazon and how it can maximize your return on investment (ROI).
    Understanding Amazon Seller Fees: A Comprehensive Guide. In this full guide, we will break down the various fees that Amazon sellers encounter, explain their purposes, and provide you with strategies to manage and optimize your expenses. Whether you’re a newcomer to Amazon’s marketplace or an experienced seller looking to refine your approach, this guide will help you navigate the world of Amazon seller fees with confidence.
    eCommerce Trends
    Returns window to be extended for 2023 holidays. Similar to previous years, our standard returns window will be temporarily extended in anticipation of customers shopping early for the holidays. Our 2023 Extended Holiday Returns policy requires that items purchased between November 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023, are returnable through January 31, 2024, except for Apple brand products, which can be returned through January 15, 2024. This policy applies to seller-fulfilled, FBA, and Amazon retail orders. Although the returns window for most orders will be extended, returns eligibility for all orders remains the same.
    Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days Was the Company’s Largest Two-Day October Holiday Kick-off Event Ever. Amazon Prime members saved more than $1 billion across millions of deals during Prime Big Deal Days on October 10 and 11. For the second year, Amazon kicked off the holiday shopping season with a two-day exclusive shopping event for Prime members, helping members get everything they want and need, quickly and reliably across hundreds of millions of items worldwide.
    TikTok Shop Is a Content-First Shopping. Top-selling items on TikTok Shop are already generating over 100,000 sales a month, less than two months after TikTok Shop launched in the U.S. For example, Keila Shaheen’s The Shadow Work Journal, a self-help book, sold 225,000 copies over the past thirty days and nearly 425,000 since TikTok Shop launched. Brands like The Beachwaver Co., Wyze, and MySmile have also sold hundreds of thousands.

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