#280 – Action Required: Amazon will start automated inventory removal from 1st Nov

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    Action Required: Amazon will start automated inventory removal from 1st Nov. Starting Nov’1, 2023, if you have selected Dispose as your preferred removal option in Automated unfulfillable settings, your removal orders will be scheduled at Amazon’s discretion based on capacity, including immediately after returns evaluation. If you haven’t selected a removal option before November 1, 2023, your selection will default to Immediate Disposal. To maintain a weekly or biweekly removal schedule, you must go to Automated unfulfillable settings, select the return option, and input a valid return address. You’ll then have the ability to place manual removal orders on your inventory any time prior to your selected automated removal schedule.
    How top Amazon brands ramp up their listings to prepare for October Prime Day.Ramp up your listings to prepare for this year’s October Prime Day and follow in the footsteps of brands like Magic Spoon, Unilever, Disney, P & G, & more! Tap into the power of social media Micro-Influencers and a platform called Stack Influence that automates influencer collaborations at scale (hundreds of promotions a month). By sending micro-influencers free products you can increase your revenue, gain valuable UGC and increase your listing’s position to prepare you for October’s Prime Day.
    Grab the growth opportunities waiting your Amazon storeWith Payoneer Capital Advance, you can get up to $750k instantly and access the funds you need to maximize your business potential. So whether it’s saying yes to a great inventory deal, investing in your marketing or simply resolving a cash flow issue, you can grow at speed. There are no credit scans and your collections are taken as a fixed percentage of your future Amazon payouts, so you won’t be overstretched. Visit Payoneer today and enjoy a special 10% fee rebate on your first offer.
    When it comes to funding for your eCommerce business, you want a company invested in your company’s growthOnramp was founded by industry veterans that genuinely want you to succeed. With our unique model, you only pay us when you make a sale. Say goodbye to minimum payments and monthly fees and say hello to increased cash flow and more opportunities. No interest, no commitments and more than half the cost of Amazon Lending and other traditional lenders. Plus, you’ll get pre-approved in minutes and have cash in hand in 24 hours. Learn more about how we compare!
    Check out the list of fastest growing keywords on Amazon marketplaceIn the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. Whether you’re a seller, a marketer, or someone who loves to explore the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, this newsletter is your go-to source for tracking and reporting on the hottest Amazon search trends.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Important Update: 2023 holiday readiness and capacity limits in NovemberAmazon recommends you to plan ahead to ensure that your shipments arrive by October 26, 2023, so that they can be received and ready to fulfill by Black Friday. If you need additional capacity, you can request to grow your limit with the Capacity Manager. To ensure that you stay in stock, you can use Amazon Warehousing and Distribution and we’ll automatically replenish fulfillment centers as needed.
    AI and the Job of an Amazon SellerAI will take over most of the seller’s tasks on Amazon. It will remove the gap between new and experienced sellers and between domestic and international sellers. But it’s never been harder to launch the next Anker, and no AI has the answer. The core skill of retail used to be picking and curating brands. Brands, too, labored, trying to understand their consumers to answer the fundamental question, “What products should we make?”.
    Predicted impact of ecommerce search on Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 performanceAs the hotly-awaited Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) weekend of 2023 draws near, we take a look at the significance that ecommerce search will have in shaping performance. Integrating our 2023 search research with third-party projections on BFCM 2023 performance, we highlight what’s at stake for ecommerce if retailers don’t improve their site search—and stress four key areas they should look towards in preventing this.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon-Business Acquirer Benitago Files for BankruptcyThe company, founded in 2016, operates in a small but lively wing of the e-commerce market in which groups of investors buy small third-party sellers on Amazon’s online marketplace and run them as a group, providing greater marketing and logistics expertise to the businesses. Many of those sellers use the Fulfillment by Amazon warehousing and delivery service and can gain better pricing when they consolidate their purchasing under a single owner.
    Amazon Seller Central Help: How to Prevent Common ProblemsAs an Amazon business owner and an eCommerce entrepreneur, your number one priority is almost always scaling your business. While that is the ideal way to create endless chances to pad your pocket, it can start to feel like a pipe dream once you get deeper into your selling journey. Unfortunately, the daily operations required to manage your Seller Central account often prove to be a bit trickier than you might think.
    Amazon Brand Analytics: A Deep Dive for BrandsGrowing your Amazon business sustainably requires you to build loyalty among your customers. To do that, it’s important to understand the customers well. Their needs, interests, and purchasing powers – all of these will help you craft a personalized marketing strategy that speaks directly to your customers and gets them to buy your product. But you need data for that! Amazon Brand Analytics gives you access to all the data you need to understand the purchasing behavior of customers. Using that, you can effectively craft your marketing strategy and build brand awareness and revenue. Let’s understand in detail what Amazon Brand Analytics does and how it can help you grow your sales.

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