#279 – Amazon’s Second Prime Day in October 2023 – Dates Revealed

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    Amazon’s Second Prime Day in October 2023 – Dates Revealed. It seems like Amazon Prime Day 2023, an event created by Amazon, was just yesterday — maybe because it was only a month ago. And if you haven’t gotten enough savings, or feeling some buyer’s remorse on missed sales, we have great news for you. Amazon has officially announced a second Prime Day event for October: Prime Big Deal Days! Here’s everything we know so far.
    Get your product featured on Amazon Live for only $99. For a limited time ZonVids is offering Amazon Live placements with top content creator, Sculpt by Sara for only $99. Get your product in front of thousands of shoppers, and have your product featured on the influencers storefront forever! ZonVids is also the go-to source for UGC videos. Get videos added by shoppers to your Amazon product page, or delivered as video files for off-Amazon ads. Starting as low as $79.
    Turbocharge Your Online Sales with Ultrafast Peer-to-Peer Order Fulfillment. Unlike traditional 3PLs, Cahoot’s fulfillment network has 100+ warehouse locations and offers fast order fulfillment at 30% lower cost. Enjoy the benefits of seller fulfillment on all your sales channels, without compromising on reach or speed. Cahoot meets you where you are and helps accelerate your growth by scaling alongside you. We make fulfillment faster, cheaper and hassle free. Don’t wait, contact us today for a no-commitment quote and get 1 month free storage!
    Grow your Amazon sales using TikTok creators and influencers. Top Amazon aggregator Thrasio, works with Insense to get user-generated content and partner with TikTok creators to run Spark Ads campaigns. Thrasio generated 3+ million views for their 25 Amazon products using Spark Ads. Insense is an all-in-one platform for UGC and influencer marketing where you can get 100+ creators applying to each campaign, build a roster of your favorite creators for long-term collabs, and enjoy their 1-click solution for Spark Ad codes. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Book a demo and get $200 credits.
    Check out the list of fastest growing keywords on Amazon marketplace. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential, and understanding the latest Amazon search trends is critical to unlocking success. Whether you’re a seller, a marketer, or someone who loves to explore the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, this newsletter is your go-to source for tracking and reporting on the hottest Amazon search trends.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Can You Ship Direct to Customers from China for Cheap? No matter how rich you are, you’ll always be running into issues with cash flow the longer you’re running an ecommerce business. Money gets tied up for weeks and up to months at a time while waiting for your inventory to reach local warehouses, but it doesn’t have to be with Portless. Izzy Rozensweig, the CEO of Portless, joins me in today’s podcast to talk about how Portless was founded, how it operates, and how his game changer can be leveraged to improve your cash flow by multiples – not just by a few percent.
    Are you using TikTok for your Amazon launches? My launch strategy using TikTok is VERY easy… so easy that it feels like common sense.I feel the need to include a quote to make it sound smarter. I call it the “Brand Ambassador TikTok Launch” (the name needs some serious work….. if you think of a better name, send it my way and will make it worthwhile).
    Finding the Right China Sourcing Agent For Your Business. Starting a business sometimes seems impossible as there are many things you need to take care of, but with the recent boom in online global markets, things seem encouraging. Now, you can run a sourcing business or dropshipping without ever needing to keep items at your location. So, if you are overwhelmed with the trove of information and thousands of products and suppliers, we have the answer. This article shares the best starter information about China sourcing agents to help you. Read the article and learn how to hire your first China sourcing company and start selling. You will also get to know about the best China sourcing agent. So, what are you waiting for?
    eCommerce Trends
    Shopify Unblocks Amazon’s Buy With Prime. Amazon and Shopify announced a partnership to allow Shopify merchants to add the Buy with Prime fulfillment and checkout service. Buy with Prime allows shoppers with a Prime membership to shop on e-commerce websites other than Amazon and check out using their Amazon account. Crucially, Amazon also handles fulfillment, which means Buy with Prime is not a replacement for PayPal, Shop Pay, or Apple Pay but rather a complete e-commerce experience inside a checkout button.
    How to Create a Compelling Amazon Brand Story. A good brand story makes it possible for customers to see a small glimpse of themselves connecting with your brand, which makes every detail of it extremely valuable. Keep reading to learn how to create a compelling story and see real-life Amazon Brand Story examples.
    Unraveling the Mystery of Amazon Sales Down: Solutions to Rebound. Are your Amazon sales down? Amazon sellers get on this platform to show their products to a global audience and sell them quickly. Hence, a sudden sales drop can be a perplexing and worrying experience. If you are in such a situation, please don’t worry. This article will explain the reasons behind the Amazon sales drops and provide practical solutions.

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