#274 – Action Required – Old Amazon Orders will be archived from September

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    Action Required – Old Amazon Orders will be archived from September. Starting in September 2023, orders older than two years will be archived on a monthly basis. To ensure data security and a safe customer experience, archived orders don’t contain buyers’ personally identifiable information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, and gift messages. If you require any buyer information for accounting or tax purposes, make sure that you download it by.

    Grow your Amazon sales using TikTok creators and influencers. Top Amazon aggregator Thrasio, works with Insense to get user-generated content and partner with TikTok creators to run Spark Ads campaigns. Thrasio generated 3+ million views for their 25 Amazon products using Spark Ads. Insense is an all-in-one platform for UGC and influencer marketing where you can get 100+ creators applying to each campaign, build a roster of your favourite creators for long-term collabs, and enjoy their 1-click solution for Spark Ad codes. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Book a demo and get $200 credits.

    Real-time funding for Amazon sellers. Onramp offers a unique model in which sellers only pay when they make a sale. Say goodbye to minimum payments and monthly fees and say hello to higher cash flow and more opportunities. No interest, no commitments and a 50% lower cost of Amazon Lending compared to traditional lenders. Get pre-approved in minutes and have cash in hand within 24 hours. Check your funding eligibility today.

    Struggling to rank your products on Amazon, Walmart, Target, or eBay? Z Rank completed 4000+ Amazon product launches with 98.7% success rate! Their tailored approach utilizes promotional campaigns, market research, and innovative techniques to boost your online presence. Elevate product rankings, increase visibility, and watch your sales grow. Interested in learning more? Request a quote today! Cruxfinder Exclusive: 10% discount for your first campaign.

    Get mentored by the most successful Amazon Sellers in the industry. On August 1-2, join Ecom Summit in Chicago for an incredible two day event designed to increase your margins on Amazon. Take a look under the hood at how 8 and 9 figure Amazon sellers are solving the challenges to grow sales in Amazon marketplaces. Cruxfinder Exclusive: $100 Value Use Code: CRUXFINDER100.

    Amazon Sellers Are Joining Shein Marketplace. Shein is reaching out to Amazon sellers with messages like “With how successful [Brand Name] has been on Amazon, I am reaching out to you today with the opportunity to bring [Brand Name] to SHEIN Marketplace.” Shein is currently an invite-only marketplace with no direct way to start selling. To join Shein, sellers must already have annual sales of.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Protect your Amazon brand with 20,000 free Transparency codes for one year. Brands will be eligible to receive 20,000 free Transparency codes for one year for every new product enrolled in the program before December 31, 2023. Transparency prevents customers from receiving non-authentic or wrong versions of products, such as different compatibility, color, materials, language, or regulatory compliance. Each Transparency code is a unique, alphanumeric, non-sequential barcode that is applied to your product’s packaging and ensures that every unit shipped is authentic. Click link to find out more about this promotion.

    Why I Stopped Selling on Amazon: FBA Sellers’ Top Reasons. We often talk about sellers’ success stories and see many new entrepreneurs giving selling on Amazon a shot. Still, we think it is important to see the other side of ecommerce – and that is those that didn’t succeed or stopped selling. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons why sellers may have stopped selling on Amazon, solutions to their problems, and how new or established Amazon sellers can avoid the same problems.

    Amazon Seller Checklist – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Tasks. Becoming a successful Amazon seller requires more than just setting up shop. It’s about ongoing optimization, continuous tracking, and regular updates – and it all starts with a robust strategy. Here are some core steps as outlined in ZonGuru’s checklist.

    eCommerce Trends

    Stop prioritizing the bottom 80% of your Amazon catalog. I challenge you to take two minutes today and look at your business reports or retail analytics and do the following – Sort by revenue (descending) for the last year and look at the top 10% and top 20% on the list, Then compare those totals to the remaining 80% or 90%, 99% of the brands that engage in this exercise will find the revenue on the top 10% or top 20% will either be the same as the remaining 80% or 90% or even greater, This will hold true whether you are doing $100,000/month in revenue or $10,000,0000+/month. That means you should be prioritizing optimizing the top 10% or 20% of your catalog.

    TikTok Launching E-Commerce Business Competing With Shein And Temu. TikTok is expanding its empire and launching an e-commerce business to sell Chinese-made goods in the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, as the fast-growing social media app attempts to compete with other online shopping platforms like Shein and Temu.

    How DTC aggregator OpenStore scaled one of its brands from $1M to $10M in sales. The company acquired Jack Archer, the brand was doing about $1 million in sales. Fast forward to today, and the brand is now doing about $10 million in sales.

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