#271 – Why Amazon Dropped Prime Membership Plans to $2?

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    Why Amazon Dropped Prime Membership Plans to $2? Before the two-day sale extravaganza that’s set to take place this July 11 and 12, Amazon is giving a 30-day trial for no charge to users who’ve yet to experience the full benefits of Amazon Prime. After the trial is over, new customers will be able to continue enjoying the benefits of Prime for another week paying only $2.

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    Using Data to Beat Amazon Goals: Tips for Ecommerce Leaders. Each function of your ecommerce team faces unique obstacles when identifying and executing the most rewarding Amazon strategies. Without thorough insight into the market, agile decision-making is an overwhelming challenge. That’s where data comes into play. In this post, we’ll explore how to use data to enhance.  

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    Amazon sellers say they were kicked off site after unknowingly hawking stolen goods. Of the many acts that can get an Amazon merchant kicked off the site, few are as devastating as selling stolen goods. Amazon calls the behavior “illegal and strictly prohibited,” and those accused of such activity can be permanently suspended. Dozens of small businesses have been booted from Amazon in recent months for purportedly hawking stolen goods from home appliance brands such as Breville, Keurig, Levoit and SharkNinja. But suspended sellers, who spent years building their businesses on Amazon, told CNBC they had no idea they were selling stolen products.

    2023 Amazon Seller Pricing Strategy – How to Price a Product. So, how do you choose the perfect price for your product? There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy—the right price largely comes down to your product’s quality, your production costs, and what customers are looking for, all of which can vary from your competitors. That said, there are a few data-driven techniques that will help you arrive at the best price for your product.

    How to Use a Flat File to Update Your Product Listing Title and Bullets. Yesterday, I discovered that my product listing title on Amazon had been truncated. The change made my title nonsensical, and I knew I had a challenge ahead. Amazon makes changing your listing title quite difficult, and doing so can risk a full reindex of your listing. However, my title had already changed, so I had nothing to lose.

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    Federal Trade Commission is taking action against Amazon. FTC Takes Action Against Amazon for Enrolling Consumers in Amazon Prime Without Consent and Sabotaging Their Attempts to Cancel. Complaint outlines details of company’s knowing failure to address non-consensual subscriptions and cancellation trickery. Read the press release to know more.

    Learn How To Manage Your Amazon Inventory. Inventory management is one of the most essential e-commerce tasks. From the moment you receive your stock, until when a customer buys a product, you should know where every item is and how many pieces you have in stock. Yet, 42% of small-sized sellers don’t track their inventory.Does this sound like you? If so, you’ll need to learn the ins and outs of Amazon inventory management. But, you’re in luck! Inventory management for Amazon sellers is easier than you think.

    AMC Changes That Will Help Amazon Sellers Achieve Big in 2023. Recent changes to the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) should have a positive impact on most advertisers on the platform. Although the AMC changes are subtle, rather than groundbreaking, they streamline things for sellers and widen the potential audiences they can reach. Keerat Sharma, director, of Amazon Marketing Cloud, and Ad Tech Solutions, claims the AMC changes were to improve the ease of use of the Amazon Ads platform, including more cohesive integration of its demand-side platform and other offerings.

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