#269 – Official Announcement: Amazon Prime Day 2023 dates announced

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    Official Announcement: Amazon Prime Day 2023 dates announced. It’s official: Amazon’s 2023 Prime Day event will kick off July 11 at 3 a.m. EDT and run through July 12. With the all-new Invite-only deals program, Prime members can request an invitation to access exclusive Prime Day deals that are expected to sell out.

    Amazon Prime Day is only 2 weeks away… Are you prepared? Get this last-minute Amazon Prime Day Prep Checklist that you can easily share with your team to ensure you don’t drop the ball.

    When it comes to funding for your eCommerce business, you want a company invested in your company’s growth. Onramp was founded by industry veterans that genuinely want you to succeed.With our unique model, you only pay us when you make a sale. Say goodbye to minimum payments and monthly fees and say hello to increased cash flow and more opportunities. No interest, no commitments and more than half the cost of Amazon Lending and other traditional lenders. Plus, you’ll get pre-approved in minutes and have cash in hand in 24 hours. Learn more about how we compare!

    Your brand + MaverickX = +40% lift in Amazon sales. Who doesn’t want to sell more with lower acquisition costs!! We help diversify your search traffic with PPC to your Amazon products, all the while improving attribution and organic ranking. With as low as 1% of your Amazon PPC budget, MaverickX can drive a better ACOS on Google Ads! We use proprietary tracking and attribution tools to track all off-site traffic that converts on your Amazon properties. Here is why!! Offsite conversions get positive Amazon attributions that not only get net-new audiences to your product pages, but also result in positive boosts in Seller rankings and Organic rankings. Book a demo to see how it works! Cruxfinder Exclusive: Mention Cruxfinder and get Saas fee free for first month.

    How UGC ads led to 3 million TikTok views increasing sales for the 25 Amazon products promoted. To drive external traffic to their Amazon listings, Thrasio partnered with ~100 TikTok creators to source fresh UGC at an average price of $75 per creative. They used Insense – a creator content & influencer ads platform trusted by 1,400+ eComm brands – to scale their creator and influencer partnerships. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Insense is offering $200 for your first campaign until July 7.   

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    Prime Day 2023: Ultimate Guide for Sellers to Crush the Competition. Amazon recently announced that Prime Day will be on Tuesday, July 11, and Wednesday, July 12, this year. So, you still have time to prepare ahead for the event. However, once Amazon announces the dates, things will start moving very quickly, and preparing for Prime Day will become overwhelming. So, we’ve prepared a checklist to help you get everything right on Prime Day in 2023 and maximize your chances of success. Let’s jump into it.

    Amazon started showing two new types of badges in search results. Looks like Amazon changed its #amazon choice badge. There are now two types of Amazon choice badges showing in search: “Overall pick” = highly rated, well priced and available to ship immediately, “Popular brand pick” = popular with other consumers + highly rated, well priced and available to ship immediately, “Amazon choice label” only shows on the PDP and not in search so it’s a bit confusing as you’d think these were different badges all together vs 2 versions of Amazon choice. Not sure why the change but it seems more and more like the search results page isbeing crammed with so much information it might as well be the PDP.

    Amazon Brand Analytics 2023 Guide: Overview, Uses, Benefits & More! In this guide, we’ll show you how Amazon Brand Analytics can help you (and Rosie) identify customer pain points, motivations, and desires to connect with your audience more effectively and drive higher conversions. We’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using the ABA tool, so you can optimize your product detail pages and ad campaigns better than ever and increase your sales, while standing out from the competition.

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    Amazon Prime Day Strategy Checklist. In this episode, Bradley shares his top strategies on how to prepare for Prime Day and listen to three sellers who are crushing it in their business, including one who is a 9-Figure Seller!

    Counterfeit Lawsuits Scooped Up Hundreds of Chinese Amazon Sellers. US law firms have initiated mass intellectual property lawsuits against sellers on Amazon all at once for selling counterfeit goods across the platform. This is part of Amazon’s latest efforts to crack down on the sale of counterfeits on its marketplace. In this article, we’ll discuss what triggered the mass lawsuits and why the recent development will matter to other third party sellers.

    Amazon Product Inserts: 2023 Guide for FBA Sellers. One effective strategy to significantly boost brand awareness and customer satisfaction is incorporating product inserts into your product packaging. While product inserts can be a fantastic way to thank a customer for their purchase and a way to solicit honest feedback and reviews, there are rules set forth by Amazon that every seller needs to follow when it comes to product inserts. In this article, we will dive into what Amazon product inserts are, Amazon’s product insert policy, the dos and don’ts, and tips for creating effective product inserts.

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