#266 – Your Amazon seller account is at risk of deactivation?

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    Your account is at risk of deactivation. Did you see this on your Seller Central account this week? You’re not alone. While the warning may seem concerning, resolving this issue is actually quite straightforward. All you need to do is ensure that your seller account includes five essential pieces of information. So why is Amazon asking for this all of a sudden?

    How sending free products to Micro-Influencers have helped brands 3X revenue in 1 month. Tapping into the power of social media Micro-Influencers and a platform called Stack Influence that automates influencer collaborations at scale (hundreds of promotions a month), Amazon brands like Unilever, Magic Spoon, and Blueland have been able to grow their monthly revenue by 5X, decrease their ad costs using a warchest of influencer UGC, and build an army of affiliate marketers to consistently drive new customers.

    When it comes to funding for your eCommerce business, you want a company invested in your company’s growth. Onramp was founded by industry veterans that genuinely want you to succeed. With our unique model, you only pay us when you make a sale. Say goodbye to minimum payments and monthly fees and say hello to increased cash flow and more opportunities. No interest, no commitments and more than half the cost of Amazon Lending and other traditional lenders. Plus, you’ll get pre-approved in minutes and have cash in hand in 24 hours. Learn more about how we compare!

    Struggling to win the Buy Box? Unlock the secrets with Feedvisor’s comprehensive Buy Box Guide, updated for 2023. Discover proven strategies to increase visibility, win more sales, and dominate the competition. Master the art of pricing, fulfillment, and customer metrics.

    Amazon INFORM Act Glitch Causes Account Deactivation Panic. Amazon sellers have been put through the wringer this week receiving warnings about account deactivation as glitches prevented them from completing identity verification required by the INFORM Consumers Act. The INFORM Act, which goes into effect June 27, was passed as part of the FY2023 Omnibus Bill and requires online marketplaces to verify, and in some cases disclose, information about third party sellers on their platforms.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon ASIN Matrix – A Unique Approach to PPC Campaign. Are you tired of putting in all the effort to optimize your advertising campaigns on Amazon, only to see your sales stagnate? It can be incredibly frustrating when you’ve done everything from tweaking bids to adding negative keywords, and still, the results don’t match your expectations. Well, here’s the thing: not all campaigns are created equal. If you want to break free from this cycle and start seeing the growth you’ve been hoping for, it’s time to change your approach.

    The New Amazon Account Health Reality: Appeal Every Suspended ASIN. Amazon rolled out a new method for policing seller accounts last fall. It was supposed to make Amazon Seller Performance enforcement, such as suspensions, more transparent and understandable. This is allegedly in contrast to the black box that third-party Amazon sellers have found frustrating and indiscernible in the past. The AHR score can range from 0 to 1,000. The stated purpose of the score is to let sellers know if their selling account is at risk of deactivation. There are three status levels.

    5 essential kpis to track to grow amazon sales. Using KPIs internally is key if you want to become a data-driven company. But they are equally important for your eCommerce success on Amazon. There’s a problem, however. It’s impossible to monitor all KPIs – there are too many. Instead, you need to consider which KPIs are the most useful to your business. Read on and we’ll look at some essential KPIs that can help drive your Amazon sales growth.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon A+ Content: Definition, Best Practices & Examples. In the competitive realm of ecommerce, where countless products clamor for consumer attention, establishing a distinctive brand presence is crucial for success. This is where Amazon A+ Content comes in, offering brands a unique opportunity to elevate their product listings and captivate shoppers in a visually engaging and informative way. A+ Content integrates detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts, and more to help customers make informed buying decisions.

    Thinking about Amazon Managed Services for your brand? As per one linkedin post – Amazon are luring sellers/brands into a managed service, and I can guarantee it will be utterly shit. How do I know this? I hired my team from Amazon India. They know the exact team that will be looking after your account.

    Amazon Reverifying the Identity of Its Sellers. Amazon is asking sellers to reverify their identity because of a new U.S. federal law. On June 27th, the FTC will start enforcing the INFORM Consumers Act to protect online shoppers from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit or stolen goods and stop criminals from exploiting anonymity on marketplaces. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and other marketplaces will be required to “collect, verify, and disclose certain information regarding high-volume third-party sellers of consumer products to inform consumers.”

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