#264 – Alert: Update your Amazon SP-API login with Amazon credentials by May 22

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    Alert: Update your Amazon SP-API login with Amazon credentials by May 22. If you use API integrations, you must update your sign-in with Amazon credentials by May 22, 2023. This security update will take place across all stores, and will help to protect your account. If you don’t update your credentials every 180 days, your API integrations will lose access to SP-API. After you’ve updated your sign-in with Amazon credentials, you must also update your credentials for any applications that use SP-API.

    Are You prepared for Prime Day? Get Ultrafast Order Fulfillment 30% Lower Cost by Design. Amazon Prime Day isn’t just the biggest sales event on Amazon, but online sales on all other channels increase as well. Let Cahoot fulfill for all your sales channels so you can win big this Prime Day and beyond. Built for high efficiency, Cahoot warehouses fulfill 3x more orders than traditional 3PLs and at a cheaper cost. We pass on the savings of our innovative business model to you. Don’t wait, contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to speak with a fulfillment expert.

    Get ready for Prime Day with Onramp Funds. Whether you need to pay for inventory or marketing, Onramp funds your eCommerce business and gives you the flexibility to use the cash without restrictions. The best part? Get pre-approved in minutes and receive your cash in less than 1 day. Founded by industry veterans, Onramp wants to see you succeed. With our unique model, you only pay us when you make a sale. Say goodbye to minimum payments and monthly fees and say hello to increased cash flow and growth. No interest, no commitments and more than half the cost of Amazon Lending and other lenders. Learn more about how we compare here and get pre-qualified today in minutes!

    Rank #1 on Amazon with UGC ads. UGC for TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon Ads drives higher conversions because it builds social proof. We know you’ve probably tested various platforms to get UGC content and partner with influencers, but you only need one platform and that’s Insense. Insense is different because; there’s no manual outreach, creators that match your requirements apply to your campaigns in minutes, for high-ticket items they even make the creators sign a contract, and you can repeat collaborations with your favorite creators. Book a call and get $200 for your first campaign by June 2.

    Get Arthy and revolutionize your Amazon business! Arthy is a Platform for Amazon sellers operated by a digital assistant named Arthy. Arthy communicates with the user, provides services, and recommends actions that lead to the optimization of the Amazon brand. Arthy optimizes with the goal of saving monetary resources or time, as well as delivering know-how and insights. Unlike other Amazon tools, the assistant actively suggests recommended actions and shows how to implement them. Users save immense time and cost budgets and are assured that they will no longer miss important timings or to-dos. Cruxfinder Exclusive: 50% off for the first month of subscription after free trial.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Engage repeat customers with Amazon’s new email marketing feature. Amazon launched the new Brand Tailored Audiences feature in the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool, so you can now send tailored marketing emails to your loyal customers. Use Manage Your Customer Engagement to announce product launches and deals, and share your unique brand story with customers to differentiate your brand from competitors. The new Repeat customer section allows you to identify customers who have bought at least two products from your brand in the last 12 months. You’ll receive an update every week with information on new customers who qualify to receive your brand marketing emails.

    Amazon FBA Lost Inventory and Seller Reimbursements: How to Recoup Your Money. A common issue that many sellers face is Amazon losing or damaging their inventory – and the question always is, “How can I get reimbursed for this?” As a seller, it can be frustrating when inventory is lost or damaged because it takes away from your sales. Not only that, you lose out on keyword ranking and potential customer reviews. Fortunately, when something like that happens, Amazon offers reimbursements to sellers for the lost or damaged inventory – but sometimes, you need to file a claim with Amazon to get your money back.

    Learn how to plan for busy shopping periods with Amazon Ads. Explore courses, bootcamps, and videos to learn how to grow your business before, during, and after busy periods. Sponsored Products campaigns that are live for more than 75% of the day during a major sales event have a 21% greater return on ad spend, on average.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Marketplace – Seller Tech Landscape in 2023. One hundred software tools help businesses sell on Amazon with product research, pricing, inventory forecasting, advertising management, accounting, and more. No sellers or brands are selling on Amazon without using tools. Amazon’s own Seller Central acts as a starting place, but they typically use other tools to augment or replace its functionality. Crucially, they rarely use just one despite there being some all-in-one tools. Instead, sellers use a stack of software tools that handle separate business areas.

    can now buy physical products in games and apps with Amazon Anywhere. This new offering enables immersive shopping experiences for video games, virtual worlds, and mobile apps, starting with the new augmented reality adventure pet game Peridot. Whether you’re playing video games or using your favorite mobile app, Amazon is extending the fun within virtual worlds and interactive digital environments with a new immersive shopping experience called Amazon Anywhere.

    How To Track The Sales Impact From TikTok Traffic. Paul Harvey returns and chat about some of the nuances of TikTok ads that will be useful for sellers. Amazon does not index TikTok traffic (evident from no changes to the sessions and conversion rate). Amazon Attribution’s tracking metrics cannot be relied upon…. either TikTok negates the tracking or Amazon does not track it. The only metric we can rely upon is SALES. There is a sales impact from TikTok traffic, often around 30-40%, but the effect is either immediate or delayed by days, weeks even months.

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