#262 – Important: Amazon requires three new product listing attributes starting June

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    Important: Amazon requires three new product listing attributes starting June. Starting June 6, 2023, new product listings for certain product types must include color name, size name, or product description attributes. All new listings for the affected product types will require valid attribute information or the product will not be added to the catalog. This attribute information isn’t required for active listings. If you have inactive listing and want to publish them, go to Manage Inventory. Filter the listings for these product types, and update the attributes.

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    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon will advertise your out of stock products in Sponsored Products. Previously, if you went OOS, your product would no longer be eligible for advertising. Now that things have changed. The issue is that despite a product being out of stock (OOS) and having no incoming stock, Amazon continues to promote it and charge you and only a few OOS products experience this. How to evaluate oneself?

    Impact of Amazon Product Listing Optimization on Conversion Rates. If you are looking for data & insights like us, to beat your competition, you are in the right space. Knowing every aspect of conversion on Amazon is essential to further optimize and boost margins. Here’s a deep dive into the data we’ve collected from a sample of users in 2021.

    A Purge Could Be Coming for Fake Reviews on Amazon. Amazon has quietly removed hundreds of thousands of customer reviews from some of its own Amazon Basics listings, indicating a new round of reviews purges may be soon at hand. In April, a few Amazon Basics products saw a huge decrease in review count following Amazon’s heightened efforts to combat fake review brokers and counterfeiters on its platform. 

    eCommerce Trends

    We sold $200,000,000+ worth of earbuds in 3.5 years. All bootstrapped with zero funding. Here’s how we did it. Why earbuds? Because Apple had just removed the headphone jack from iPhones and introduced AirPods. So I had an idea: Earbuds at HALF the price of Apple’s. Kill the e-bikes and other random shit and become a premium wireless audio brand.

    How did Amazon Advertising stack up in 1Q23? Amazon and its digital ad platform peers Google, Meta, Pinterest, Snap and Roku all reported earnings last week, providing data and color on the ad landscape. Here’s what we found most interesting for retail leaders.

    Detecting Amazon Marketplace Scams: A Guide for Brands. Amazon’s efforts to fight nefarious actors on its platform are commendable as they offer five programs with varying levels of protection for businesses selling on the platform: the Amazon Brand Registry, Transparency, Project Zero, Counterfeit Crimes Unit, and IP Accelerator. However, as the world’s No. 1 e-commerce marketplace in both traffic and sales, Amazon will always be a target for cybercriminals as a platform to sell counterfeit goods and commit frauds such as parallel importing, triangulation fraud, product diversion, and more. Here, GreyScout looks at some other prevalent scams on Amazon that brands operating on the marketplace should be aware of.

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