#257 – It’s time to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Amazon Advises Sellers to Get Ready

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    It’s time to prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2023 – Amazon Advises Sellers to Get Ready. In the announcement, Amazon encouraged sellers to prepare early and stock sufficient inventory for their deals. Sellers must create their Prime Day deals by April 28, 2023, to participate. Sellers must ensure their inventory arrives at Amazon’s US fulfillment centers by June 15, 2023. (“We recommend shipping early to allow for potential logistics, weather, customs, or carrier issues,” it warned.) Amazon Prime Day was held on July 12 -13 in 2022, but it also kicked off early deals and member-only offers starting on June 21, 2022. Amazon also held the “Prime Early Access Sale” on October 11 – 12, 2022.

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    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon has a dedicated section on the product detail pages for brand stories. This feature has been around for a while, but not all sellers are taking advantage of it. It shows up on all of the Brand’s Product Detail Pages. It is called Brand Story. As an Amazon seller, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to stand out from the competition, and the brand story section is a great way to do just that. Are you using this tool to showcase your brand and connect with customers?

    Amazon launches new Brand Impression Share dashboard. The dashboard essentially shows the top-of-search impression share (IS) for your brand terms over time, so it’s majorly about the brand terms. It measures the percentage of top-of-search impressions your ad campaigns receive out of the total impressions they could actually receive. It shows % share of impressions your brand terms had compared to other advertisers, for all ad types, as well as SP and SB campaigns. Since these are the 2 ad types that target KWs. To view data for a specific date range, you have the data range filters to either select a certain week or day. If you have multiple brands, there’s a drop-down to select one brand to see its metrics.

    Plan Ahead For Upcoming Changes to Amazon Storage and MCF Fees. The clock is ticking for Amazon sellers with heaps of stale products at FBA! New fees tied to your storage utilization ratio and aged inventory are set to take effect in April. This is to limit unproductive use of FBA with unsellable goods, which are not only clogging up Amazon warehouses, but also get working capital tied up in holding costs. Amazon will also update its fees for UK and EU multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) orders on April 7, 2023 to cover rising operating costs. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Amazon fee changes, and what you can do to minimize or avoid them.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon’s Fastest Growing Markets. Brazil, Mexico, and Australia are Amazon’s fastest-growing markets. Amazon’s web traffic has nearly tripled in Brazil in three years, and in Mexico and Australia, it more than doubled. Brazil, Mexico, and Australia are growing on mobile, too, so their web growth is noteworthy relative to the other Amazon markets. It is growing even faster in Turkey, The Netherlands, and Singapore than in those three countries, but those are newer and smaller markets.

    Amazon Highlights ‘Frequently Returned’ Products. Amazon has released a new badge that highlights frequently returned items in its marketplace. It appears right below the bullet point section of the product detail page and encourages potential buyers to read more about the featured item before purchasing. This feature has not been rolled out across the platform and seems to be in beta as some items that other publications previously reported to be showing this badge, no longer are.

    Amazon Sues Sellers for Filing False Takedowns against Rivals. In a press release announcing the actions, Amazon said the multiple bad actors had submitted thousands of false copyright infringement claims against Amazon’s selling partners in an effort to have those sellers and their products removed from the Amazon store. “These false claims attempted to reduce customer choice, harm Amazon’s selling partners, and damage the integrity of Amazon’s store.”

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