#252 – Temu surpasses Amazon to become the most downloaded free App in the US

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    Temu surpasses Amazon to become the most downloaded free App in the US. Temu is based in Boston, but owned by China’s PDD Holdings Inc. PDD also owns Pinduoduo, a shopping platform with ~900m users, and generated $14.7B in 2021 revenue. As such, it can cut out the middleman and ship directly from China, with no need for US warehouses, in ~7-15 days, per Wired. Temu drives prices even lower with perks like free shipping and referral-based discounts, but it’s unclear if that’s sustainable. Some analysts think it may be subsidizing customers to gain users.

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    How product giveaways to Micro-Influencers helped brands 5X sales in 60 days. Tapping into the power of social media Micro-Influencers and a platform called Stack Influence that automates influencer collaborations at scale (hundreds of promotions a month), Amazon brands like Unilever, Magic Spoon, and Blueland have been able to grow their monthly revenue by 5X, decrease their ad costs using a warchest of influencer UGC, and build an army of affiliate marketers to consistently drive new customers. Exclusive Deal: Save 10% off first campaign.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon Analytics: Which Metrics Amazon Sellers Should Pay Attention To. According to one McKinsey study, data-driven brands can outperform competitors by up to 20%. While the study was done on public companies, the same concepts still apply to Amazon sellers in terms of important Amazon Analytics. Using Amazon analytics is a key unlock to ensuring your business performs and grows as much as possible. But with the influx of information available, it can be challenging to focus on the metrics that truly matter.

    Brand-new Amazon keyword research & ranking tactics. Watch this live coaching by the CEO of Sellerise Dima Kubrak to get to know about successful tactics on how to easily identify money keywords for your Amazon listings in 2022. Learn: How to build a quality semantic core in 2 minutes, How to discover your money keywords, How to outrank your competitor’s keywords, How to recover lost keywords, How to uncover high-converting keywords, and many more!

    Top Amazon Product Categories for 2023. 9% Whether you are a brand new Amazon seller beginning your research or an experienced Amazon vet, it can be difficult to figure out which product category to focus on. With over 40 categories to choose from, how do you narrow down your research and find the best niche to put all your focus on? At Jungle Scout, we conducted a survey with over 21,000 sellers and found out what the most and least popular main categories were among Amazon businesses.

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    Understand your customers better with Brand Analytics. Seller University’s free learning resources help you understand Amazon’s tools, programs, and services, so you can manage and grow your business at every step of your selling journey. On Seller University, learn how Brand Analytics reports can help you understand your customers, products, and overall performance in the Amazon store.

    Shein Marketplace Is Coming to the U.S. Shein will likely launch a marketplace in the U.S. after testing the model in Brazil and Mexico. The number one most-downloaded shopping app in the world is expanding beyond fashion and local manufacturers in China.

    E-Commerce Winners and Losers in 2022. Shein and Shopify were the biggest e-commerce winners in 2022. Their sales are still significantly above pre-pandemic levels too. Etsy was strong, Walmart with Amazon did okay, and eBay struggled the most.

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