#248 – What Makes a Top-Performing Amazon Listing?

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    What Makes a Top-Performing Amazon Listing? Getting your brand in front of those shoppers means a lot of promise for profitability. As you’re getting your brand to bud on Amazon, just know that shoppers are already looking for brands like yours. With plenty of sellers, you’ll want to stand out and optimize Amazon product listings as part of your SEO strategy. Unsure how to get started or need to modify your strategy? I’ll show you what it takes to create top-performing listings. My agency NP Digital did some research to see what matters most in landing your products among the top Amazon listings.

    Drive sales with TikTok to your Amazon store. Thrasio, Amazon aggregator, uses Insense to get fast UGC and partner with TikTok creators for Spark Ads campaigns – they generated 3 million views for a total of 25 Amazon products advertised with Spark Ads. Insense is the tool that combines a creator marketplace, easy brief, acquiring UGC assets, building influencer partnerships, simplified Spark Ads collaborations, and more into 1 single platform. Visit Insense before Feb 6 and enjoy $200 platform credit.

    Full-Service Fulfillment Solution for Your Best 2023 Ever. Get the low cost, ultra-fast fulfillment you need to grow on all channels, without FBA inventory restrictions that eat your margin. Cahoot is 5-Star rated on both Amazon and Shopify. Cahoot fulfillment network was built for efficient fast shipping from the ground up, and we pass the savings we realize to you. Get a quote today – our higher standards come with a lower cost.

    Onramp is an on-demand revenue-based eCommerce lender. We sync with your eCommerce store aligning directly with your sales and cash conversion cycles. Your repayments synchronize with your sales deposits, so we only get repaid when you sell products. If sales speed up, you’ll pay back faster; if they slow down, you’ll pay back more slowly. Our customers pay less than 1% of GMV as a fee to borrow up to 25% of their expected monthly revenue. Unlike banks and credit cards, we do not charge APR fees or require minimum monthly payments. Plus, we are on-demand, so you can easily access more cash 24/7. Get prequalified in less than 5 minutes!

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Did you know the impact of having the Amazon’s Choice badge on search performance? Amazon’s Choice Badge Data & Search Funnel Outliers Data, available in the Seller Central dashboard. Get insights on top & bottom-performing search queries for your brand, and avoid going through all search queries.

    Amazon Email Marketing: The Ultimate Guide. Amazon email marketing is free to use, so if you’re not already utilizing the feature as a seller you should strongly consider it. Amazon email marketing is slightly different from marketing as someone with an independent website and business off Amazon as there are guidelines you must follow. For example, an Amazon marketing email cannot contain, review update or removal requests, marketing or promotional language, requests with an incentive, or tracking pixels.

    Amazon released the fees for “Buy With Prime” program. Buy with Prime fees are 20-40% per transaction, or even more for items below $20 due to the $1.50/order minimum Prime service fee. Yet, fees are not as critical as whether Buy with Prime is worth the operational investment.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon launched a new Automate Pricing feature to help you to beat prices from competitors. At best, the automatic price growth may help you generate revenue at higher prices. At worst, however, your competitors may purposely lower or keep their offers low to attract more customers, and at the same time, drive your prices to the bottom. To protect your margins, consider tracking and updating your offers manually or setting your rules modestly.

    How Do I Recover From An Amazon BSR Low Ranking? Starting out at the rank of seven or eight, the product was able to reach number one and then dropped back to three. These two Amazon PPC experts will examine the factors that contribute to the low BSR, the strategies that can be employed to improve its ranking, and how to ensure it recovers from the drop and stays high.

    How to Prepare Your Amazon Business for a Recession. Many of our clients are reporting great Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales numbers. In most years, we’d take that success and sail into the new year expecting business as usual. However, the last three years have been so UN-usual, that we must prepare for more uncertainty. This may take the form of a recession, high inflation, supply interruptions, or some other challenge we haven’t come across just yet.

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