#243 – New Law Requires Sellers to Disclose Identity and Contact Info

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    New Law Requires Sellers to Disclose Identity and Contact Info. The INFORM Consumers Act directs online marketplaces to verify high-volume third-party sellers by authenticating the seller’s government ID, tax ID, bank account information, and contact information. High-volume third-party sellers are defined as vendors who have made 200 or more discrete sales in a 12-month period amounting to $5,000 or more.

    Recover from holiday sales & beat Chinese New Year factory shutdowns. Pay after they open back up! You can reorder inventory for Q1 now without spreading your cash flow thin. Outline your SKUs and connect Kickfurther with your supplier today to order. We pay 100% up front and you make no payments on that inventory until after it sells. It’s a win-win: You get the inventory you need for the new year AND you pay out nothing until after you sell new inventory and the revenue lands.

    An Amazon seller’s worst nightmare may be waking up to find their account suspended or limited by Amazon.How can you minimize the chances of this happening? Keeping your Amazon account healthy is vital to avoid a response from Amazon that would hinder all the hard work you put into selling your products. This useful article lists five things you should do every day to monitor your Account Health and keep your sales running smoothly.

    FeedbackExpress now offers a 100% Amazon compliant way to get genuine reviews and feedback. Using the same system in Seller Central via Amazon’s API, it automates requests completely. These have higher conversions since they are sent in the buyer’s preferred language, include product name & image, and show star links to both feedback and reviews. Users are seeing up to 52% growth in reviews during their trial. Set up in 60 seconds and put Amazon reviews on auto-pilot today.

    Marketplace Pulse Year in Review 2022. In 2022, e-commerce spending in the U.S. exceeded $1 trillion. A milestone that pre-pandemic trends predicted would only occur in 2024. Yet the industry appeared in despair marked by crashing valuations, employee layoffs, and seemingly slowing growth.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon SEO: A 2023 Comprehensive Guide. Everything there is to know about optimizing product content to rank higher organically and grow overall visibility on Amazon’s search engine.

    Can the Livestream Shopping Platform Really Help FBA Sellers. Amazon Live is being called the “Third Wave” in ecommerce marketing… but is it really the next big thing? And will it help FBA sellers like you? Amazon’s livestream shopping platform has been around for a while now, but it recently got a big push with the launch of the Amazon Live Creator App, allowing sellers to be in control of their own livestreaming broadcasts.

    Amazon promises to set up a second Buy Box in EU anti-trust settlement. Amazon agrees to display a second competing offer to the Buy Box winner if there is a second offer from a different seller that is sufficiently differentiated from the first one on price and/or delivery. Both offers will display the same descriptive information and provide the same purchasing experience.

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    Renew your liability insurance to protect your Amazon business and customers. Commercial liability insurance helps to protect you and your customers in the event that a product you sell is defective and causes property damage or personal injury to a customer. Under the Amazon Business Solutions Agreement, you must obtain and maintain a valid commercial liability insurance policy within 30 days after you exceed $10,000 in gross proceeds in any month in the store, or if otherwise requested by us.

    Will GPT Change The World Of Amazon Marketers? What is GPT? How does this work? Is this another AI tool that will replace many jobs? Will this change the world of Amazon Marketing? Michael is joined by Joshua Rawe of eSpark in this week’s episode. Let’s join their fun as they test and discover what GPT can actually do.

    Amazon Announces US MCF Fee Hike – Upto 37% hit for Sellers. On December 20th, the eComm giant said they will update their US MCF fees to reflect the recent improvements they have made to offer sellers. On the Forums page, one seller commented that these adjustments would grow the cost of MCF by a whopping 37% for them. Currently, a 5 oz large standard item costs $5.35 to ship, but in 2023, the fee would climb to $7.35 per unit, making MCF an expensive fulfillment method for many sellers.

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