#242 – Amazon Sellers to Face New Return Shipping Fees in 2023

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    Amazon Sellers to Face New Return Shipping Fees in 2023. Starting January 14, sellers will be responsible for any carrier shipping correction charges on customer returns of seller-fulfilled orders caused by incorrect return label information. Carriers may issue shipping correction charges after a shipping label has been purchased. This can happen when the dimensions or weight do not match the values you provided, or when your return address is invalid. Return shipping corrections can result in a positive or negative credit depending on whether you over or under paid.

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    How Micro-Influencer product giveaways have helped brands 5X revenue in 2 months.Tapping into the power of social media Micro-Influencers and a platform called Stack Influence that automates influencer collaborations at scale (hundreds of promotions a month), Amazon brands like Unilever, Magic Spoon, and Blueland have been able to grow their monthly revenue by 5X, decrease their ad costs using influencer UGC, and build an army of affiliate marketers to consistent drive new customers. Save 10% signing up before 2023.

    Save up to 30% on your Amazon seller insurance in 3 minutes. This holiday season when you pass $10K in sales, you will be required by Amazon to get liability insurance. The majority of eCommerce sellers are currently OVERPAYING for insurance, wondering how you can save BIG? Check out and start saving today.

    FBA Fulfillment Alternative without any Inventory Limits or Peak Surcharges. Get the low cost, ultra-fast fulfillment you need to grow on all channels, without FBA inventory restrictions that eat your margin. Don’t let fuel surcharges, Amazon’s restock limits, holiday peak fulfillment surcharges, and 3x storage rates hurt your Q4 sales or margins. Cahoot is 5-star rated on Amazon and Shopify. Mention CruxFinder and get 30 days free storage – even in Q4. There’s still time to get started, and onboarding is fast and easy.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    How to Lower Your Amazon Return Rate. Every sale you make is a win—or so it seems at first. But sometimes the sale you celebrate today will turn into tomorrow’s headache: a return. You can’t avoid returns completely, but you can take steps to lower your Amazon return rate and reduce some of the stress that goes with selling items online.

    FedEx Launches New Low Priced Ecommerce Returns Solution. FedEx announced plans to launch a new low-priced, easy ecommerce returns service for online brands and merchants called FedEx Consolidated Returns. What you need to know: The carrier will name the new service FedEx Consolidated Returns and is launching the returns solution in response to rising demand by online businesses to manage rising return rates.

    How to Grow Your Amazon Conversion Rate in 2023. Growing your conversion rate on Amazon is imperative to your success as a seller. If customers visit your listings but click out without making a purchase, that can damage your organic keyword ranking and overall Best Sellers Rank. We know how difficult it can be to get customers to your product detail page, let alone make a purchase! Your conversion rate shows the percentage of customers who purchased your product after visiting your product listing.

    eCommerce Trends

    Grow and protect your brand with the new Build Your Brand page. Amazon launched a new “Build Your Brand” page on Seller Central helps you inform your strategy, grow, and protect your brand. You can access the page through Seller Central under the Brands tab. On the page, you can learn how our brand-exclusive programs can help you by using the four key program areas.

    Amazon Seller Reinstatement Strategy: Best Practices On Writing Solid Escalations. Jeff doesn’t review appeal emails and/or complaints from sellers anymore or add a “?” before delegating to VPs, Seller Performance managers or anyone else. Jeff’s pretty occupied with other things (as you may have heard) and Andy Jassy has been Amazon’s CEO since July 2021.

    The A-Z Of Amazon SEO And How To Rank Your Product On Amazon. On the surface, Amazon looks like any other e-commerce marketplace. A closer look will reveal that Amazon is both a marketplace and search engine with an inbuilt SEO algorithm. This marketplace-search engine merger allows Amazon to show shoppers products relevant to their searches. But how exactly does Amazon SEO work? And how can you gain the SEO algorithm’s favor to make your products more discoverable on Amazon?

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