#241 – How Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Scammers are Stealing Your Sales

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    How Amazon’s #1 Best Seller Scammers are Stealing Your Sales. A recent piece from Bloomberg has exposed a black-hat tactic used by bad actors on the Amazon marketplace of putting popular items in incorrect and slow-selling categories to trick the Amazon algorithm into thinking that the product is selling more than it actually is. Some scams investigated involve smartphone mounts for car dashboards, smartphone cases, and USB drives. A cited example involved a phone mount that showed up under “replacement axle shafts”, under which it obviously does not belong.

    An Amazon seller’s worst nightmare may be waking up to find their account suspended or limited by Amazon. How can you minimize the chances of this happening? Keeping your Amazon account healthy is vital to avoid a response from Amazon that would hinder all the hard work you put into selling your products. This useful article lists five things you should do every day to monitor your Account Health and keep your sales running smoothly.

    Thinking about your company’s financial health or sales outlook as the economy cools a bit?That’s natural (and wise, even if you’re bullish). If you’re looking to build additional cash flow margin, or keep a larger cash reserve, you can still do this without sacrificing now on ordering the amount of inventory you’ll need for future sales. You can get your inventory paid for up front and make no payments until after it sells, guaranteeing no charges until you receive revenue from new inventory, with Kickfurther. The cost is a small markup on your COGS (if your unit cost is $1, you might pay us back something like $1.05). Avoid a large supplier payment now without compromising on future sales, and you’ll keep cash reserves substantial to face anything ahead.

    Save up to 30% on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes. This holiday season when you pass $10K in sales, you will be required by Amazon to get liability insurance. But the majority of eCommerce sellers are currently OVERPAYING for insurance. Wondering how you can save BIG? Check out Spott and start saving today.

    How do you know where your organic sales are really coming from? How much is coming from search within Amazon, and how much is coming from search on Google? Find out how much traffic Editorial can drive for your products.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Leaf Nodes – The Missing Link in Ranking on Amazon? Leaf nodes as essentially the category browse nodes seen by Seller Central reps. However, when the seller puts in the category the Leaf Node is not always created.You can get multiple Leaf Nodes and category scoring is applied. So it is vital to have activated Leaf Nodes for maximum search visibility. Today’s discussion on how you can optimise for this.

    A Data – Driven Approach – KPIs That Work For Amazon Sellers! Data-driven decision-making is a process that helps you identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that best describe your business. It also helps you identify the metrics that best reflect the impact of the changes you’re making in your business. It’s an analytical approach to decision-making that requires data. Instead of that, how do we get this to work in the real world? What do you measure? More importantly, how do you make sure that the metrics you choose are actually relevant to your business model? In this blog post, we’ll explore some common KPI mistakes that many sellers make. We’ll look at how data-driven approaches can help prevent these issues from happening.

    Amazon Tailored Audiences: New Targeted Email Features. This free and easy-to-use tool is available as part of the Customer Engagement tool in Seller Central. It gives sellers plug-and-play email templates and the ability to segment their customers and share new products, offer deals, and inspire repeat purchases.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Seller M&A Market Active Despite Aggregator Struggles. Amazon seller acquisitions declined only slightly in 2022 despite slow e-commerce growth and rising interest rates. Seller valuations have decreased, but more buyers that don’t call themselves aggregators allowed strong businesses to stay in demand.

    Amazon Launches Inspire, A TikTok-Like Shopping Feed that Supports Both Photos and Videos. Taking a bet on social commerce, Amazon announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a new in-app feature called Inspire, a content hub for customers to discover and explore products. The photo and video-based content — which is created by brands, influencers and other customers — is in a scrolling format that can be engaged with through likes, and will include links to Amazon products featured.

    How Does Amazon’s Account Health Assurance Work – And Is There a Catch? This holiday season, Amazon has been in the giving spirit… at least when it comes to announcements. Contrary to Amazon’s more foreboding message about raising fees for FBA sellers in 2023, this newest reveal will benefit many sellers’ account health by helping to manage policy violations and prevent account deactivations. But what actually is this new Account Health Assurance (AHA) feature, and how does it work? Is it really going to be as helpful as the company promises? And is there a catch?

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