#240 – How to start a Tiktok Shop today

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    How to start a Tiktok Shop today. What is TikTok Shop? TikTok Shop is an innovative new shopping feature which enables merchants, brands and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok through in-feed videos, LIVEs, and the product showcase tab.

    Onramp is the only cash management solution aligned with the growth and success of Amazon sellers, exclusively. We remove the stress of cash management for Amazon sellers with fast cash, personalized terms, and helpful humans. Plus, we will always ensure you have the cash flow required to keep your business operating during good times and bad. Check out how we stack up against Amazon Lending!

    Drive sales with TikTok to your Amazon store.Thrasio, Amazon aggregator, uses Insense to get fast UGC and partner with TikTok creators for Spark Ads campaigns – they generated 3 million views for a total of 25 Amazon products advertised with Spark Ads. Insense is a creator marketplace where you can find TikTok creators for your products, get UGC starting at $50 per video in just 10 days, grow organic reach and run TikTok Spark Ads. Visit Insense before Dec 12 and enjoy $200 platform credit.

    FeedbackExpress now offers a 100% Amazon compliant way to get genuine reviews and feedback. Using the same system in Seller Central via Amazon’s API, it automates requests completely. These have higher conversions since they are sent in the buyer’s preferred language, include product name & image, and show star links to both feedback and reviews. Users are seeing up to 52% increases in reviews during their trial. Set up in 60 seconds and put Amazon reviews on auto-pilot today.

    doola helps US and non-US business owners incorporate an LLC in the United States. get an EIN, set up a US business bank account, open a U.S. Amazon Seller account, and keep it compliant and legal year-over-year.You’re not alone in this. Forming a legal entity in the U.S. feels daunting and complex. That’s why we provide everything you need to launch your U.S. Amazon Account from anywhere in the world. Start forming your LLC in under 10 minutes!

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon Storage Limit Manager: Would You Pay for Extra Storage Space? Introduced in February 2022, Storage Limit Manager (SLM) is a program that offers sellers with Inventory Performance Index (IPI) storage volume constraints a way to request for extra storage at potentially no additional cost.

    Why Amazon Posts Is a Huge Overlooked Opportunity for Brands. Again and again, I have found that brands are overlooking one of Amazon’s simplest tools to grow their visibility: Amazon Posts. You can think of Amazon Posts as the e-commerce giant’s version of Instagram. You upload photos of your products alongside a caption and category tags. As on Instagram, if customers like your content, they can follow your brand for more.

    Amazon FBA in 2023: Trends from 2022 and What We Predict for the New Year. 2022 was another wild year for ecommerce and Amazon. More and more, we’re seeing sellers come to Amazon with big ambitions, even as consumers have tightened spending to address concerns around recession. Despite this, Amazon remains the top retailer of choice for consumers in the U.S., and is undoubtedly heading into another big year where a lot can happen.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Launch And Reimbursement Strategies For 2023. The Serious Sellers Podcast brings together top industry experts, the latest trends, & rock solid advice on best practices in the Amazon FBA world. Discover how you can leverage the information in this no-nonsense podcast to build and scale your business on Amazon.

    USPS Postage Rate Increase and How It Affects Amazon Sellers. The USPS postage rate hike is expected to affect third-party marketplace sellers, and Amazon plans to increase fulfillment fees for those sellers temporarily. This will be effective in July 2022. In addition, Amazon will change its policy regarding auto-cancellation for orders placed through the Merchant Fulfilled Network. Sellers should be aware of this change before placing an order.

    US E-Commerce Sales Surpass $1 Trillion. E-commerce spending in the U.S. exceeded $1 trillion over the past twelve months. A milestone that pre-pandemic trends predicted would only occur in 2024.

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