#237 – Four additional product listing attributes will be mandatory in December

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    Four additional product listing attributes will be mandatory in December. From December 1, 2022, new and existing product listings for certain product types must include color name, size name, product description and department name attributes. This change ensures that your listings contain relevant information that customers need. Attributes will change from optional to required for the following product types. All new listings for affected product types will require a valid value for each of these four attributes or the product won’t be added to the catalog. To ensure your existing listings for affected product types aren’t impacted, go to Manage inventory 35 to update your attributes now.

    Here’s an Amazon seller’s experience with Amazon lending. “Amazon Lending is fantastic but it doesn’t scale fast enough for most. I know it never did for me. When I needed $500k, I only saw $125k. It can feel like molasses especially when you need capital for inventory purchases! Kickfurther is a disruptive player in the funding space for Amazon sellers. Worrying about inventory payments during Q4 is a thing of the past. Their funding is simple. Kickfurther funds your inventory up front and you don’t make any payments on that inventory until after you receive revenue from sales. If this sounds dreamy, it’s because it is. Amazon Lending would never do this.” -Black Label Advisor.

    Get an In-Depth Look at Your Competitors with the Free Amazon Competitor Analysis Tool.Are you struggling to keep up with the competition? Get a head start by using Feedvisor’s Amazon Competitor Analysis tool designed with sellers in mind. This free tool will help you identify your competitors’ pricing strategies, so you can grow your margin and dominate the Buy

    FBA Fulfillment Alternative with NO Limits on Inventory or Peak Surcharges. Get the low cost, ultra-fast fulfillment you need to grow on all channels, without FBA inventory restrictions that eat your margin. Don’t let fuel surcharges, Amazon’s restock limits, holiday peak fulfillment surcharges, and 3x storage rates hurt your Q4 sales or margins. Cahoot is 5-star rated on Amazon and Shopify. Mention CruxFinder and get 30 days free storage – even in Q4. There’s still time to get started, and onboarding is fast and easy.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Learn how to use Amazon Ads to help reach more holiday shoppers. Whether you want to use the holiday season to introduce new products to shoppers or promote your best deals, our self-service advertising tools can help you reach your goals. Amazon recommend using sponsored ads and Stores to help boost your brand visibility and potential sales this peak season.

    Strong connection between Amazon ad spend and organic ranking? We’ve seen a strong connection between Amazon ad spend and better organic placement. Now we have numbers to back it up. The day after starting NFL campaigns, we scraped: On 71% of keywords, organic placement improved, On average, listings placed 11 spots higher.

    Need a glance at how a particular product is performing? Here’s a quick trick. In the ‘Growth Chances and Total Potential Sales Lift’ column, you may see a button that says “Recommendations Available” under select ASINs. Choose whichever ASIN you’d like to evaluate, and click the “Recommendations Available” button.

    eCommerce Trends

    Chinese Sellers Didn’t Quit Amazon. The share of sales on the Amazon marketplace in the U.S. by Chinese sellers is at all-time highs. According to Marketplace Pulse research, the percentage of total seller feedback reviews volume by Chinese sellers is back to levels last seen in November 2020. Sellers receive customer feedback reviews for each order, amounting to millions of reviews each month.

    Why Amazon’s New Reimbursement Policy Will Anger FBA Sellers. The new policy could drastically impact higher margins for FBA sellers, depending on how discounted the reimbursements are, and how many returns a seller receives. A reduction in margins will especially be felt in Q4 for sellers seeing higher sales and return volumes for the holiday period.

    Amazon Ad Business Growing Faster Than Google, Facebook. Amazon’s ad business grew 25% in the third quarter to $9.5 billion. By contrast, Google’s advertising revenue, including all Google properties and YouTube, rose just 2.5% to reach $54.4 billion. Facebook’s advertising, including Instagram, shrunk for the second consecutive quarter, down -3.7% year-over-year at $27.2 billion.

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