#236 – Amazon launched a New sales-based financing to grow your business

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    Amazon launched a New sales-based financing to grow your business. With a merchant cash advance from Parafin, your business can receive between $500 and $10 million for a fixed capital fee with a flexible payment schedule linked to a predetermined percentage of your business’s future sales until the funding is fully paid off. There’s no interest, no personal collateral required, and zero late fee charges. If approved, you can use these funds to cover any type of business expense including inventory management, payroll and hiring, marketing or new product and solution development.

    Save upto 30% on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes. This holiday season when you pass $10K in sales, you will be required by Amazon to get liability insurance. But the majority of eCommerce sellers are currently OVERPAYING for insurance. Wondering how you can save BIG? Check out Spott and start saving today.

    Drive sales with TikTok to your Amazon store.Thrasio, Amazon aggregator, uses Insense to get fast UGC and partner with TikTok creators for Spark Ads campaigns – they generated 3 million views for a total of 25 Amazon products advertised with Spark Ads. Insense is a creator marketplace where you can find TikTok creators for your products, get UGC starting at $50 per video in just 10 days, grow organic reach and run TikTok Spark Ads. Visit Insense before Nov 15 and enjoy $200 platform credit.

    How Micro-Influencer product giveaways have helped brands 5X revenue in 2 months. Tapping into the power of social media Micro-Influencers and a platform called Stack Influence that automates influencer collaborations at scale (hundreds of promotions a month), Amazon brands like Unilever, Magic Spoon, and Blueland have been able to grow their monthly revenue by 5X, decrease their ad costs using influencer UGC, and build an army of affiliate marketers to consistent drive new customers. Save 10% signing up this week.

    Boost your sales this holiday season using freshly scraped datasets from Amazon and all top eCommerce platforms. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are just around the corner. Is your holiday eCommerce strategy ready? A data driven pricing and product strategy will help you maximize your margins. With structured Amazon datasets you can easily analyze your competitor’s pricing, inventory and customer reviews. Exclusive offer for CruxFinder readers – 1 free dataset refresh to help you stay ahead of your competition.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    How to Find a Supplier to Source Your Product. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product idea of the century; if you can’t find a reputable supplier to manufacture a high-quality product, you’ll never be able to launch. While both Alibaba and Global Sources are reliable ways to find suppliers and manufacturers for your private label products, you may be missing out on other high-quality manufacturers not listed on these marketplaces.

    How To Optimize For Total ACOS Goals In Amazon Advertising. Total ACOS will always pop up in a conversation about Amazon PPC. Some people call it Total ACOS, others call it TACOS, but the bottom line is that Total ACOS is a critical metric in Amazon advertising, and understanding it could be the key to creating high margin Amazon advertising campaigns. In this article, Michael Facchin from Ad Badger and Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS discuss how you can optimize your Total ACOS goals in Amazon advertising.

    How Analyzing Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” Gives You That Competitive Edge. Take advantage of Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together,” the upsell feature that calculates complementary product recommendations to Amazon shoppers.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon unveils suite of new video advertising products. Amazon is making it easier for marketers to take advantage of video advertising by adding the format to its self-service Sponsored Display program. The company is also expanding a public beta for its Video Builder, which provides brands with customizable templates when developing video campaigns, per announcements made at its UnBoxed 2022 conference today (Oct. 26).

    How to beat the Amazon Restock limits? I am getting some messages regarding restock limits and sending more stock to Amazon in Q4. I came across the following solution to send some stock by allocating your unsellable or least-selling stock in MCF and creating additional shipments on top of that. Please make sure to create the order ON HOLD and cancel it within 15 days of creation, min 2-3 days is recommended for cancellation.

    TikTok influencers won’t stop sending me to their Amazon storefronts. It’s nearly impossible to scroll through my TikTok For You Page without being faced with an onslaught of influencers trying to get me to buy something from their Amazon storefronts.

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