#235 – Breaking: Amazon Has Slashed Storage Space for FBA Sellers

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    Breaking: Amazon Has Slashed Storage Space for FBA Sellers. Over the past few days, sellers are reporting that Amazon has significantly reduced FBA storage space available to them in its fulfillment centers. Reports have come in via Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Drive sales with TikTok to your Amazon store. Thrasio, Amazon aggregator, uses Insense to get fast UGC and partner with TikTok creators for Spark Ads campaigns – they generated 3 million views for a total of 25 Amazon products advertised with Spark Ads. Insense is a creator marketplace where you can find TikTok creators for your products, get UGC starting at $50 per video in just 10 days, grow organic reach and run TikTok Spark Ads. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Visit Insense before Nov 8 and enjoy $200 platform credit.

    Save upto 30% on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes.This holiday season when you pass $10K in sales, you will be required by Amazon to get liability insurance. But the majority of eCommerce sellers are currently OVERPAYING for insurance. Wondering how you can save BIG? Check out Spott and start saving today.

    Overcome your Amazon competition before Black Friday and the Holidays with Micro-Influencers. Stack Influence, the leading Amazon focused Micro-Influencer platform provides automated product giveaway campaigns at scale powered by a network of 11M social media users. Before the holidays are here, overcome your competition, multiply your monthly revenue, boost your brand awareness, build an affiliate army, and amass a warchest of promotional image/video content with full usage rights. Cruxfinder Exclusive: Save 10% signing up this week.

    Onramp is the only cash management solution aligned with the growth and success of Amazon sellers, exclusively. We remove the stress of cash management for Amazon sellers with fast cash, personalized terms, and helpful humans. Plus, we will always ensure you have the cash flow required to keep your business operating during good times and bad. Check out how we stack up against Amazon Lending!

    Sales Growth Strategies

    The Best Amazon Seller Forums. One of the best ways to solve your problems or difficulties as an Amazon seller is to seek advice from those who are more experienced. But how are you supposed to reach other Amazon sellers? Through Amazon seller forums and online communities, you can ask questions, seek advice, and learn from experienced sellers on how to succeed with your Amazon business. Keep reading to learn about the best Amazon seller forums and communities to follow in 2022.

    Amazon Just Announced 7 New Advertising Features. Which Ones Matter Most? Beyond what the announcements tell us about Amazon’s own advertising business, these changes will affect existing advertisers – mostly positively, but at the same time potentially growing competition. Here’s an overview of 7 new features and programs announced.

    Amazon Covid Bump Fades. Amazon’s growth is slowing, but so has the overall e-commerce sector. Its sales are still in-line with the pre-pandemic trendline.

    eCommerce Trends

    Controversy Persists Over Amazon’s Use Of Data To Favor Its Knockoffs. CNBC reports on the experience of Peak Design, a supplier of camera bags and accessories that does most of its sales on Amazon’s platform. Peak discovered that its most popular item, the Everyday Sling Bag, had competition in the form of an AmazonBasics bag that used the same name.

    Amazon and Lendistry Expand Community Lending Program. Since its launch, the program has loaned more than $35 million, and plans to loan more than $150 million in the next three years, to U.S.-based Amazon sellers. Loans provided by Lendistry will range from $10,000 to $250,000, with terms of up to five years.

    Amazon Sellers Delete Posts in Frenzy over Safety Concerns. Amazon sellers are in a frenzy to delete past posts on the discussion boards after learning Amazon will display their business names when migrating them to a new “reimagined” seller forum.

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