#231 – Second Prime Day – Submit Prime Exclusive Discount or Coupon before 11th Oct

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    Second Prime Day – Submit Prime Exclusive Discount or Coupon before 11th Oct. As part of the event, Amazon is making it easier for Prime members to discover, shop, and save on your deals. New deals will drop throughout the event, allowing you to showcase products across all top categories, including electronics, fashion, home, kitchen, pets, and toys. To participate in the Prime Early Access Sale, submit a Prime Exclusive Discount or Coupon before October 11, 2022.

    Lions and tigers and another Prime Day (and then holiday shopping, too), oh my! If you’re looking at inventory levels and also thinking about the headache that is supply chain right now, you’re not alone. If you’re puzzled on how to pre-purchase enough inventory to maintain stock levels for all that’s ahead, use Kickfurther to fund the inventory you need now and only pay back later, after it sells. Even if you’re just curious, we’ll buy you lunch when taking a short demo!

    beBOLD Analytics is an All-in-One, Multi-Channel, Multi-Country, Real-Time Reporting Solution for Amazon Vendor, Amazon Seller, Amazon Advertising,, Shopify, and 75+ other marketplaces.The Multi-Marketplace Dashboard provides a big-picture view but allows you to easily see the details of each marketplace. Amazon Vendor Dashboard includes: Retail Sales, POs, Inventory Health, and Advertising all on one screen. Amazon Seller Dashboard includes: Sales, Sales by Group (build your own), P&L by Account and Item, Advertising Data, Traffic & Conversion, and Buy Box Performance. New features are added monthly. #amazon #walmart #shopify

    Amazon-like fulfillment with no peak surcharges. Get the low cost, fast fulfillment you need to grow on all channels, but without the surcharges that eat your margin. Don’t let fuel surcharges, Amazon’s Small & Light DIM weight change, Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fees, and tripled storage rates from 3PLs make your Q4 less profitable. Cahoot is 5-star rated on Amazon and Shopify. Exclusive: 30 Days Complimentary Storage for Cruxfinder Readers, even in Q4.

    Are you looking for a way to reduce your return rate? Did you know that Amazon has a feature that allows you, the brand, to provide direct service and support to your customers? With the yellow “Get Support” button, customers looking for assistance with an item can access support information, visit the support page on the brand’s website, or phone directly to customer support from the Amazon “Orders” page. More details about this feature, its advantages, and how to join in this article.

    Get insightful reviews with Amazon Vine – Special 50% discount offer for Q4. You can enjoy the benefits of the Amazon Vine program at a discounted rate of $100 per parent ASIN enrollment (50% savings) until October 31, 2022. Whether you are a new brand owner or launching a new product, Amazon Vine can help you get your first product reviews from a community of unbiased and insightful reviewers. Reviews give customers insight into the quality and reliability of your products, and help them make an informed purchase decision.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Update to automated inventory removals starts October 14. To create more room for your products as Amazon approach the holiday season, we’re making a change to the automated removal of unfulfillable inventory. Starting October 14, 2022, Amazon will automatically remove unfulfillable inventory that’s been in fulfillment centers for more than 14 days. Previously, the removals applied to unfulfillable inventory that was in fulfillment centers for more than 30 days. If you previously configured your settings to remove unfulfillable inventory on a monthly basis, the frequency will be updated to twice a month starting October 14.

    Amazon Shopping Events Calendar for Brand Owners. Amazon shopping events are events that Amazon promotes for specific days of the year. Amazon promotes these events by providing additional merchandising like deals, and growing customer outreach efforts through relevant email campaigns and other marketing specific to the event.

    Amazon Approves 2,500 3rd-Party Apps to Help Sellers. Now discover solutions to optimize listing, pricing, and shipping, or to automate other essential selling operations, from our selection of carefully-vetted and continuously-monitored third-party apps. The Selling Partner Appstore has features like “Recommended for You” which highlights apps that selling partners like you enjoy.

    Brooklyn is Still the Amazon Seller Capital. Most Amazon sellers are based in Brooklyn. The city has double the number of sellers as the second most common city, New York. Brooklyn is home to 4% of the active Amazon sellers in the U.S. New York is next with 2%. Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas follow it. The order of the top five has varied over the years, but it has always been the same five cities. And Brooklyn was always at the top. There are more than 70,000 American sellers with $100,000 in sales. Ten percent of the 70,000 are in Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or Las Vegas.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Lending – Convenient financing options for your business. Amazon Lending is built on the simple idea that business lending doesn’t have to be complicated. This invite-only program provides business financing solutions to eligible U.S. small and medium-sized businesses without lengthy paperwork and long wait times. The program plans to loan more than $150 million in the next three years to small businesses selling in the Amazon US store.

    Boosting Amazon ROI: 5 Tips for Mid-Market and Enterprise Advertisers. All is not golden in this land of ecommerce opportunity, however. While there’s no shortage of brands advertising on Amazon, the ROI many are seeing on the platform has been trending down. According to data from Downstream by Jungle Scout, average return on ad spend for campaigns promoting products in every price range on Amazon declined by at least 10% and as much as 36% year-over-year from 2020-2021.

    How To Fix Low-Click Search Terms On Amazon PPC? Low clicks on your search terms are the bane of your existence as an Amazon PPC advertiser. Ideally, you’d want all our search terms to get clicks and conversions. But, our world is far from ideal, and you won’t see conversions on all your search terms.

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