#230 – I Thought Sponsored Display Ads Were a Waste of Time, Here’s Why I Was Wrong

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    I Thought Sponsored Display Ads Were a Waste of Time, Here’s Why I Was Wrong. Competitors are starting to use Sponsored Display ads now more than ever, making it a critical time to incorporate all of your Organizational Factors Driving Amazon Success. Keep reading as I explain the reasons why I was wrong about Sponsored Display ads. Find out how you can stand out with all the creative possibilities when you use this diverse system to your advantage.

    Are you looking for a way to reduce your return rate? Did you know that Amazon has a feature that allows you, the brand, to provide direct service and support to your customers? With the yellow “Get Support” button, customers looking for assistance with an item can access support information, visit the support page on the brand’s website, or phone directly to customer support from the Amazon “Orders” page. More details about this feature, its advantages, and how to join in this article.

    How Sellers Are Leveraging TikTok to Drive Massive Traffic to Their Amazon Listings. ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ is one of the most popular hashtags on the social media platform where sellers can drive targeted sales from. As shown in a recent survey, 55% of TikTok users use the platform to research products. This creates an incredible opportunity for Amazon sellers to promote awareness of both their brand and product as we approach Q4. Discover how sellers are using short-form video to massively scale their business. Cruxfinder Exclusive: 14 Day Trial + 25% OFF First 2 Months.

    Prepare for the 2022 Holidays with Feedvisor’s Amazon Buy Box Guide. Buy Box competition has increased exponentially as the number of sellers on Amazon continues to grow. Learn how to win the coveted Buy Box just in time for the holiday season with this instructional guide detailing the updated Amazon Buy Box requirements for 2022, strategies to win the Buy Box (with tips for improving account health), and learn just how operational performance, pricing, customer feedback, and other factors work together to determine your success. Exclusive: 30 Day Trial.

    Onramp helps merchants thrive. You get flexible cash lending solutions at competitive rates and hands-on expertise from a team of industry veterans who have launched, scaled, and exited multiple 7 & 8-figure eCommerce stores. Integrate your AMZ store today and learn exactly how we can help you effectively deploy cash into marketing, legal, taxes/fees, shipping, and inventory. We built Onramp so you don’t have to go at growth alone. Don’t need us now? No problem. Refer a friend’s store for $1,000USD!

    Ultimate Guide for Planning Your Amazon Q4 Holiday Strategy. Year over year, restrictions on Amazon continue to increase, so it’s imperative that you start planning no later than late June. (If we’re past June when you’re reading this, you may want to skip the supply chain section and scroll all the way down to marketing tips.) That’s why we’ve put together this prep guide. This guide will help you put Amazon Q4 prep back on the roadmap and set yourself up for success. (Here’s hoping we don’t get yet another curveball – like locusts, that would be very bad.)

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon plans Prime Day-like sales event next month. Inc. plans to hold a Prime Day-like sale early next month, according to retailers that sell on Amazon’s marketplace and a consultant who works with Amazon sellers. For now, Amazon is remaining tight-lipped, declining to confirm or deny the possibility of another big retail event ahead of the holiday season.

    How To Use Social Media To Absolutely Crush It ($50 mil+) On Amazon. In episode 308 of the AM/PM Podcast, Kevin and Manuel discuss: How Kevin And Manuel Met Each Other, What Does Manuel Actually Do? A Specific Example And Strategy From Manuel.

    Top 15 Free And Low-Cost Amazon FBA Tools For Sellers? There are a number of software programs and tools available to help Amazon sellers with their businesses. While some of these tools come at a cost, there are many that are available for free. In this article, we will discuss the 15 best free Amazon FBA tools that can help sellers run their businesses more effectively.

    Amazon A9 Algorithm: Your SEO Guide To Higher Product Ranking. To help customers find what they are looking for, Amazon has implemented a search box powered by their internal search engine, one that works on the principles similar to those of major search engines. Today, we are going to talk about Amazon search analytics, or more particularly, the Amazon algorithm that stands behind it. We will show you how to leverage it to rank your products higher and become more competitive in this landscape.

    eCommerce Trends

    Launch products with 4-star ratings using Customer Review Insights. Amazon’s new Customer Review Insights tool gives sellers actionable information gathered from customer reviews to help you develop and launch your next top-rated product.

    Underground market where secondhand Amazon merchant accounts are bought and sold. Merchants have used shady tactics like submitting false fraud reports targeting rivals, or bribing Amazon employees to scuttle competitors. Others peddle counterfeit or shoddily produced wares. Amazon bans fraudulent sellers, along with other accounts they’re suspected of owning, and blacklists their business name, physical location, and IP address.

    $85k to $117k in 45 days! We achieved this with only 2% increase in avg. ACoS. Strategies we implemented: Product-focused campaigns, Bid optimisation through Impressions Share analysis, Budget rules, Weekdays vs Weekends, etc. check full strategy here.

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