#229 – Amazon Launches Free Email Marketing Capabilities for Sellers

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    Amazon Launches Free Email Marketing Capabilities for Sellers. Utilizing Amazon Customer Engagement’s Tailored Audiences, sellers can now increase their email marketing reach and build brand loyalty. For the first time, sellers can now expand beyond brand followers when sending free marketing emails to reach their most loyal customers, such as repeat customers, recent customers, and high-spend customers.

    Delays receiving revenue from your Amazon store? That’s never ideal for your cash flow, especially if you’re looking at purchasing your next inventory order. With supply chain delays, waiting even longer to order because you haven’t gotten your payouts makes Q4 inventory and sales outlook less than you’d like. Instead, order now with Kickfurther. We pay 100% up front for inventory and you pay back after it sells.

    Amazon Repricer Launches Masterclass Series and Video Content in Time for Q4.15 years of advice and know-how from seriously successfully sellers, condensed into seven short lessons covering Buy Box and higher margin protection tactics. Learn how to price your inventory for maximum search visibility and sales this Q4. The best bit? There’s a promo code awaiting SellerNews readers offering a 14-day trial for no charge and 25% OFF Repricer for the first two months—covering the much anticipated Prime Day 2 and Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    Multiply your Amazon revenue and launch new products like never before with Micro-Influencers. Increase your month-over-month revenue up to 3X while also boosting your product awareness & brand trust, and amassing authentic image/video marketing assets with no usage restrictions using Stack Influence. This leading Amazon focused Micro-Influencer platform provides automated product giveaway campaigns at scale powered by a network of 11M social media users in the USA.

    Need to restock after prime day? Get funding from Wayflyer today, so you can purchase more inventory ahead of Q4. Wayflyer funding is fast, flexible and at great rates. Apply today and get an offer within 24 hours.

    Amazon hands out free shipping software to merchants, including on rival sites. Eligible U.S. sellers can now receive bank deposits within 24 hours (instead of 3-5 business days) with Express Payout, Veeqo helps you increase the speed of fulfilling customer orders and cut shipping costs with access to discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx. Amazon launched many more tools for sellers. Check out now.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    DTC Brands Can Now Buy Ads on Amazon. DTC brands can now buy ads on Amazon that will drive traffic to the brand’s website. The customer journey is convoluted but hints at Amazon’s bigger ambitions to become a discovery platform for DTC brands. The brands can now create a Buy with Prime page within their brand’s store on Amazon and drive traffic to it using Sponsored Brands advertising. From this new page, shoppers can open the brand’s website and purchase the product using Buy with Prime.

    Prime Day in October [How To Prepare For The Prime Early Access Sale]. It’s been nearly 2 months since Amazon Prime Day 2022 came to a close, with 300 million+ items purchased, and over $1.7B saved thanks to special deals and discounts. The big question is: Is there going to be another Prime Day in October? Reports indicate a potential Prime Day also known as the “Prime Early Access Sale” is set to take place in October.

    How Do I Optimize My Amazon Campaign Structure? You used to be able to get away with bad campaign structure on Amazon, but now it could be costing you money. Alfredo Roselli, an Ad Badger campaign manager, explains what bad campaign structure looks like, how to fix it, and what to expect after you’ve made the improvements. This is like a back-to-basics Amazon PPC episode with a 2022 twist that you won’t want to miss.

    Amazon Product Launch Strategies for More Sales. What makes an Amazon product launch successful? Learn the ins and outs of successful Amazon product launch strategies here! In this post, we’ll look more closely at the most current Amazon product launch strategies with the intention of making it to Amazon’s first page. More importantly, making sure it stays there.

    eCommerce Trends

    Why Am I Paying So Much to Protect My Amazon Store? Let’s say a customer of yours was injured while using a product he purchased from you. He sues you for damage that could easily amount to $1M dollars or more – and you have to pay that out of your own pocket. But… you have insurance. You are covered and therefore don’t need to pay such great sums. Phew. But there’s another problem. The product you sell is not in a high-risk category, (or at least you don’t think it is) yet you are still paying ridiculously high insurance rates, monthly. Why is that?

    Walmart is expanding their self-service Marketplace platform. Walmart Connect, the retailer’s marketplace media platform, is expanding and making it easier for advertisers and brands to promote their products by introducing self-service. Eligible Marketplace sellers will be able to launch and manage their own ad campaigns through the Walmart Ad Center. Once a three-day enrollment period, users can now complete it in a matter of minutes. Additionally, existing Marketplace sellers will be onboarded automatically.

    The Seller’s Guide to Amazon Seller Repay. There are a lot of fees associated with selling products on Amazon, and failing to pay your fees as an ecommerce seller can have unpleasant consequences. In this article, we’ll talk all about Amazon Seller Repay, the different fees for selling on Amazon, and how you can avoid incurring unwanted fees on your account.

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