#227 – Amazon announces 2022 FBA Fulfillment Fee changes during Holiday Season

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    Amazon announces 2022 FBA Fulfillment Fee changes during Holiday Season. Amazon sellers who utilize FBA can expect an additional uptick in their expenses, according to a recent update in Seller Central. Amazon announced a 2022 Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fee for US and Canada FBA sellers that will take place from October 15, 20222, to January 14, 2023. On average, the fee will be an average of 35 cents USD per item.

    Save upto 30% on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes. How to save BIG on your Amazon insurance renewal and get a 100% verified COI? Find out how to save thousands of dollars on your mandatory Liability Insurance with Spott. All Sellers that crossed the $10K/month even once are required by Amazon to submit a COI in order to continue selling goods on the platform, and you’re probably paying more than you need. Check how much you can save on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes.

    Reduce cross-border costs this holiday season with Currenxie. From Singles Day and Black Friday to Cyber Monday and Christmas, the holiday season is the most profitable time of the year for many retailers. Make the most of your sales during the festive frenzy by ensuring that your cross-border payments are structured to maximize your margins. Currenxie enables you to make borderless payments quickly and affordably. Manage payments in 20+ currencies and pay recipients in 100+ countries. Keep more of your margins when you save upto 5% on cross-border transfers and upto 8x on foreign exchange. Collect and pay in local currencies – and convert funds on your own terms.

    Need to restock after prime day? Get funding from Wayflyer today, so you can purchase more inventory ahead of Q4. Wayflyer funding is fast, flexible and at great rates. Apply today and get an offer within 24 hours.

    Amazon to Launch Long-Term Storage Service for Third-Party Sellers. Amazon recently introduced its Warehousing & Distribution service that will provide third-party sellers with long-term inventory storage in Amazon distribution centers. It’s a cost-cutting solution for sellers, but there might be a catch.

    Christmas FBA Deadlines – Key FBA holiday selling dates for the US. Stay in stock during the holiday selling season by ensuring that your shipments arrive at Amazon well in advance of key shopping dates. Make sure that your inventory arrives at US fulfillment centers by these dates.

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    What to Sell on Amazon FBA in Q4 2022. The hardest part about selling on Amazon is, well, figuring out what to sell on Amazon. You may have what you think is a great idea for a product, but smart sellers rely on data — not always their gut instincts — for which products to invest in. This is especially true during Q4, when customers flock to Amazon searching for the perfect gifts to buy their friends and family for the holidays.

    Wait, what? You haven’t heard of Pink Lily? Where have you been? It’s been one of the fastest-growing online fashion boutiques for several years and has been an Inc. 5000 business since 2018. In 2021, Pink Lily generated $141 million in sales from more than 11,000 products. Pink Lily’s primary revenue generator is selling its products in two ways. One is its Shopify e-commerce website. And the other is a lone physical location in Bowling Green, KY.

    How to Sell Your Amazon FBA Business. Selling an e-commerce business is a big decision for any founder and business owner. How do you know when the right time to exit is? What is the business worth? Are there things I can do to grow the valuation of my e-commerce business? What does the exit process entail? This article will answer all these questions as we discuss facts and trends related to e-commerce, the exit process and steps you can take to best prepare for a sale.

    Why Are Multiples For FBA Businesses Dropping? Markets can fluctuate tremendously, however, and ecommerce is no exception. Now in 2022, a new series of dramatic world events are causing business valuations to drop. Ecommerce store owners looking to sell their business now are feeling frustrated, finding it more difficult to exit for valuations that were possible in the not-so-distant past. In this article, we’ll explain the primary factors contributing to the current drop in ecommerce business valuation multiples and what sellers can do about this.

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    How to Grow a Brand to $20M+ on Amazon. Learn the power of a product launch strategy with research, testing and actions from different departments to ensure customers buy a product.

    The Pros & Cons Of Having Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts. Today Jason joins as we run through the pains of multiple brands from one account including shared inventory decisions, crossovers in softwares with brands at early and late stages and the pain of accounting and reconciling of multi brands from a single account.

    16 Best Amazon Seller Tools: To Grow Your Margins. The last few years saw the globe being pushed into digital commerce. The e-commerce market is becoming increasingly competitive with big retailers as well as small-scale entrepreneurs selling their products online. Amazon alone has 47,000 new sellers this year, in addition to the 1.5 million currently active Amazon sellers across the globe. To be successful in this ever-more competitive market, you must be prepared with the correct information, skills, and equipment.

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