#226 – Amazon Fulfillment Fees Up 30% in Two Years

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    Amazon Fulfillment Fees Up 30% in Two Years. Amazon would charge an additional fee to certain sellers during the upcoming holiday season to offset rising costs of labor and logistics. Amazon will charge sellers $5.06 to ship a 1lb item during the holiday season (October 15th-January 14th). The fee for fulfilling the same product in 2020 was $3.48; it has grown by 45%. Smaller items will be roughly 30% more expensive to fulfill, while large and heavy items will only be 20% more expensive.

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    Grow your Amazon growth in time for the holidays with Micro-Influencers. Stack Influence, the leading Amazon focused Micro-Influencer platform provides automated product seeding campaigns at scale powered by a network of 11M social media users in the USA. Get prepared for the 2022 holiday season by growing your MoM revenue, boosting your product awareness, increasing your brand trust, and amassing authentic user-generated content with full usage rights.

    Delays receiving revenue from your Amazon store? That’s never ideal for your cash flow, especially if you’re looking at purchasing your next inventory order. With supply chain delays, waiting even longer to order because you haven’t gotten your payouts makes Q4 inventory and sales outlook less than you’d like. Instead, order now with Kickfurther. We pay 100% up front for inventory and you pay back after it sells.

    The Amazon holiday season is coming and that means big sales for your business. Make sure you’re ready for it with Feedvisor’s Holiday Readiness Checklist. Featuring promotional and advertising tips along with holistic strategies around pricing and inventory, brands and sellers will have everything they need to ensure holiday selling success.

    Now brand owners can address critical reviews. Drive brand loyalty and customer engagement by responding to customer reviews with three or less stars. Brand owners can reach out to customers who have left critical reviews on their products with courtesy refunds or provide support directly through the Customer Reviews feature in Seller Central. Customer Reviews is available to brand owners under Brands tab on Seller Central.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Walmart Opens Third-Party Seller Floodgates. A lot more sellers are joining the Walmart marketplace after Walmart relaxed its strict approval requirements. Walmart has almost completely removed the approval process – sellers now go live on the marketplace after filling out only their business names and contact details. It then asks for business verification, payment details, and shipping info. Gone are questions about revenue, catalog size, other marketplaces, and the like.

    Looking for free $250,000 and Free Premium A+ content on Amazon? Now there’s a new, free way to do just that. Amazon is now offering Premium A+ content promotion for brands on their platform. This means that you can now get your brand in front of tens of millions of potential customers, and grow your visibility and sales. In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about it!

    Top Amazon seller Packable begins liquidating. Packable, the parent company of top-ranking Amazon seller Pharmapacks, is laying off employees and ceasing operations. The health and beauty product retailer was at one point the largest seller on Amazon’s third-party marketplace. Pharmapacks was founded in 2010 as a single brick-and-mortar pharmacy in the Bronx, New York, before it turned to the internet and established a big home on Amazon.

    Amazon Tests TikTok-Like Feed in App. Amazon is testing a vertical photo and video feed in its app among staff. Per photos that Watchful provided to the Wall Street Journal, the feed — known currently as “Inspire” — will appear on the bottom navigation bar in the Amazon app. When users tap the diamond-shaped icon, they will see posts on the feed, which will include links to purchase any items featured in the post.

    eCommerce Trends

    Are “Gray Hat” Amazon Growth Tactics Worth It? Matt and Julian overview the 3 hats Amazon sellers can wear; White, Gray, and Black. Matt defines white hats as running social posts and running by the rules. The black hats would be falsely reporting a competitor’s product and the gray hat would be a debatable area where it’s not clearly against the rules but in the gray area and they discuss what kind of results can brands get from those.

    How Chinese are Gaming the Amazon Algorithm. China-based sellers have been trying to create their own brands. Becoming a brand on Amazon earns merchants access to data and tools that aren’t accessible to mere sellers of generic goods. This trend has had some weird effects on the catalog of goods on Amazon, and the world as a whole. Amazon’s algorithms, designed to show customers the lowest price on an individual item, can’t discern when the same product is simply rebranded and sold by a different company.

    Amazon Brand Story: Everything you Need to Know. If you aren’t using the “Brand Story” feature on Amazon, you’re leaving an easy conversion rate boost. Especially since the vast majority of brands aren’t using it yet, including products on the best seller page. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Brand Story feature, from who has access, to setting it up for maximum conversions.

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