#225 – Are you ready to grow Amazon sales in Q4

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    Get ready for the short-term experiment by Amazon to understand buyer behavior. As part of a short-term experiment to understand buyer behavior, from September 5, 2022, through October 2, 2022, buyers will be provided with the option to select USPS or UPS (new) when they send their seller-fulfilled returns. Providing buyers with multiple shipping options will give buyers the convenience to drop off their return at the nearest UPS store, and encourage them to buy more from sellers. Corresponding USPS and UPS shipping rates will apply. This can impact the label cost for sellers and you can claim a refund for the difference between the UPS and USPS shipping costs.

    Are you ready to make the most of Q4? With Payability, you always have cash-on-hand to take advantage of big opportunities this year-end. Get early pay outs and unlock your account level reserve so you can buy more inventory and spend more on ads. Reinvest in your business faster with Payability. Pre-qualify instantly with over $10k in average monthly sales when you connect your API. Get funding in 48 hours or less. Exclusive: $250 bonus when you get funded.

    Are you ready to sell your online business? With the help of our dedicated brokers, we can help you sell: Content Websites, eCommerce, Amazon FBA, Domain Portfolios, Lead Generation, Membership Sites, Software-as-a-Service businesses (SAAS). Never sold an online business before? Most of our clients haven’t. Our dedicated brokers will be with you every step of the way to offer insight and experience. Contact us today for a free confidential discussion. Toll Free: +1-855-201-7703 Email:

    Find out how to save thousands of dollars on your mandatory Liability Insurance with Spott. All Sellers that crossed the $10K/month even once are required by Amazon to submit a COI in order to continue selling goods on the platform, and you’re probably paying more than you need to. Check today if you can pay less. Exclusive: Save 30% or more on your Amazon liability insurance in 3 minutes.

    Introducing Insense – helping Amazon sellers get authentic TikTok UGC starting from $50 per video. Their UGC + creator ads platform aids Amazon owners and marketers to scale their UGC library and optimize TikTok Spark Ads. So within the platform itself, they have an interactive creative brief, personalized creator matching process, and centralized chat feature. 1 marketer can manage 50+ collaborations at once, in one space. Exclusive: Cruxfinder readers will get $200 off to start working with TikTok creators.

    Amazon Announced a Prime Fall Deal Event: Experts Share Their Opinions. Find out more information about the upcoming 2022 Prime Fall Deal Event from Amazon experts, including their tips and prediction on the ROI for sellers in this brand-new Prime event.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon’s Algorithm: Everything You Need To Know. Unlike other search engines, Amazon’s platform is a product-based search engine. This means it is designed to do one thing: sell products. Unlike Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major search engines, Amazon does not need to decode searcher intent – meaning phrases like ‘sell my home’ or ‘buy a new car’ are not seen on the platform.

    What is the Relationship Between Amazon Search Terms and Keywords? The definitions of search terms and keywords sound similar and hence tend to be mind-boggling. Now, oftentimes the question arises – what is the difference between keywords and search terms? To be able to answer this, let us first understand what each of these means.

    Amazon Seller Promotions | Choose The Right Deal For Your Niche. SellerApp states that 80% of users prefer to shop from brands featuring promotions. This makes Amazon seller promotions a unique marketing strategy. When timed properly, a good promotion can be what makes a customer buy from your Amazon store. This is especially true for special events like holidays or product launches.

    Complete Guide to Improving Your Feedback Rating and Reviews as a Seller. Amazon uses its seller feedback rating to see if third-party sellers are reaching the high standards of customer service it expects. Amazon calculates your feedback rating based on the feedback received from its customers over the last 12 months. If you have aspirations of gaining a share of the Buy Box (and who doesn’t?!) then you need to maintain a feedback rating of over 95% and ideally over 98%.

    eCommerce Trends

    Is it time to venture beyond Amazon? Why would brands look beyond Amazon? The better question may be – why not expand beyond Amazon? Although Amazon remains the dominant ecommerce platform, several other marketplaces have seen exponential growth. For example, throughout the pandemic, headlines such as ‘Walmart maintains growth with online sales up 37%’; ‘eBay reports better than expected results’ and ‘Best Buy’s incredible 2020 online sales’ made frontpage news.

    How to Shift From In-House Warehouse to a 3PL. While in-house fulfillment may be cost-effective initially, those expenses can skyrocket as you need more warehousing space, on-demand workers, and closer relationships with shipping providers. Scaling means either taking on a primary role as a warehouse manager or finding an alternative solution to managing your fulfillment.

    Black Friday Tips for Amazon Merchants. Many experts are anticipating this year to break even more records which makes the importance of preparing for Black Friday undeniable! Remember, how you prepare for Black Friday can have a significant impact on your sales and high margins. In this article, we’ll go over 11 important Black Friday selling tips to help you rake in maximum sales.

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