#219 – Amazon will automatically approve return requests and issue refunds, even for Seller Fulfilled Orders

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    Amazon will automatically approve return requests and issue refunds, even for Seller Fulfilled Orders. From August 1, 2022, the Returns and Refunds policy information on all Amazon Seller Profile pages will be updated to clarify that buyers may return products as required by Amazon Return and Refund policies. Almost all US sellers already have our policies displayed, however with this change, you won’t be able to provide custom return and refund policies on the Your Information & Policies page.

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    Ramp Up Amazon Ad Spend Ahead of Prime Day, or Go Dark? Based on Amazon’s Prime Day 2021 Results and the rising costs of advertising, this year’s sales event landscape will look quite different than in years past. There are multiple market trends and supply issues that all brands should have in mind when trying to make the most informed decision.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon bets on influencers to drive sales on Prime Day 2022. To promote Prime Day 2022, Amazon announced today that its QVC-style livestream shopping market Amazon Live is hosting live chats with creators talking about Prime Day deals. The event will also feature celebrity cameos, including comedian Kevin Hart, Australian model Miranda Kerr, actress Kyle Richards, as well as American TV personalities Kandi Burruss and “Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause.

    Guide on How To Start and Use the Amazon Live. Level up your brand’s advertising with Amazon Live. The Amazon Live Creator app is a livestreaming application that helps brands and influencers create and manage their livestreams on

    Amazon Shopping Events – Calendar for Brand Owners. Amazon shopping events are events that Amazon promotes for specific days of the year. Amazon promotes these events by providing additional merchandising like deals, and growing customer outreach efforts through relevant email campaigns and other marketing specific to the event.

    Amazon Followers 101: What They Are & How to Get More. We’re all familiar with people following brands they’re interested in on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, but did you know folks can also choose to follow your brand on Amazon?

    eCommerce Trends

    Learn best practices for Amazon prep and labeling. Learn best practices for prepping, labeling, and sending inventory to fulfillment centers in our upcoming Seller University webinar. Join us on July 13, 14, or 15 from noon to 1 p.m. (PT) for Overview of Prep and Labeling.

    Amazon Holiday Readiness Guide 2022. The holiday season is an exciting time full of celebrations with people we care about. In the Amazon store, it means sales, deals, and higher customer traffic. Learn tips and best practices to prepare for holiday seasons and shopping events in the Amazon store. Get ready for high-traffic times with tips for growing visibility and conversion.

    Amazon Listing Hijacking: What it Is and What to Do About It. You’ve worked hard to develop a great product and build a strong brand reputation on the Amazon marketplace. But now you’ve noticed something funny happening. Negative reviews that don’t accurately reflect your product have popped up. And your sales for the product have dropped.

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