#215 – Amazon FBA Donations programme becomes mandatory for all sellers

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    Amazon FBA Donations programme becomes mandatory for all sellers. Amazon don’t want to send anything to landfill unless they absolutely have to and that will now include your inventory under the FBA Donations programme. Don’t worry… they’re not going to immediately start donating the products you put into Amazon’s warehouses for fulfilment. It’s only when you fill out a disposal order to request Amazon to bin your products that they’ll be considered for donation.

    Titan Network’s top 10 tips for growing your margins on existing products. Discover how you can quickly optimize the costs and margins on your existing products so you can grow revenue and gain an edge over your competitors. This checklist covers everything from quote matching and carton picking to getting refunds from Amazon and reducing tariffs. Get your copy of the checklist here.

    We all know shipping has gotten expensive. Save up to 30% off your shipping costs when you choose Xparcel, Powered by Rakuten Super Logistics. Xparcel is a revolutionary shipping solution specifically designed to help retailers control their shipping costs, reduce transit times and improve customer satisfaction. Save on every shipment with Xparcel. Get started with RSL today!

    It’s never too early to prepare for peak seasons with a great inventory deal or a boost to your marketing spend! No matter what growth moment comes your way, Payoneer’s Capital Advance provides the working capital you need. No credit scans, just instant funding based on your store’s success, capped at 750K USD. Settle gradually as you get funds and keep costs low with one, attractive fixed fee. Visit Payoneer today and enjoy a special 10% fee rebate on your first offer.

    Amazon Sponsored Display launches matched target reporting. The matched target report gives visibility into which ASINs and their related product detail pages your ads appeared against and resulted in at least one click. For example, if you are using Sponsored Display product targeting to help reach audiences within a specific category like “running shoes”, you are now able to not only analyze performance at the targeting clause level, but also.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Prime Day Infographic 2022. Amazon Prime Day is a big sales event on Amazon that lasts for 48-hour. It originally starts in 2015 to celebrate the 20 years of Amazon. Now, we do not know when Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place but according to the previous years, it might be in July.

    Launch new products at lower risk with the New Selection Program. Launching new products is always tricky. Amazon’s search engine rewards existing best sellers, since its algorithm takes existing sales volumes into account. You’re taking on products which are already established, and you need to get yours into the market and selling fast.

    How do I Request Amazon Price Match After a Purchase. Price match is a popular topic on Amazon; it is one of the most talked-about and debated topics within the forums. Price match can be a complicated thing, and there are no firm guidelines within Amazon on what price match is or how it might work.

    How To Start and Use the Amazon Live. Level up your brand’s advertising with Amazon Live. The Amazon Live Creator app is a livestreaming application that helps brands and influencers create and manage their livestreams on

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Shipping Label Requirements For FBA Sellers. Proper labeling is key to Amazon FBA. It’s what lets Amazon keep track of your inventory. Thus, any mishap in your shipping label translates to delays in logistics and sales. To prevent this scenario, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you comply with Amazon’s shipping label requirements. Let’s dive right in.

    Amazon-Native Brand’s Anker Sales Hit $1B. Anker, an Amazon-native electronics brand from China, did over $1 billion in sales on Amazon in 2021. It is the most successful brand built on Amazon, yet the brand has been aggressively diversifying beyond it.

    Amazon launches “This Is Small Business” podcast in the U.S. Hosted by Amazon podcast producer Andrea Marquez, This Is Small Business is delivered through the unique perspective of a curious millennial trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful business owner. To understand every challenge fully, Marquez will also reach out to industry experts who will offer trend analysis, life lessons, and different points of view.

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