#213 – We Spent $345 on Spark Ads on TikTok. Here’s What Happened.

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    We Spent $345 on Spark Ads on TikTok. Here’s What Happened. If you’re thinking about getting started on TikTok ads (specifically Spark Ads), you’re not alone. TikTok’s ad revenue is expected to triple in 2022, with more businesses than ever using paid promotions to amplify their reach on the platform. TikTok ads already reach nearly 885 million people worldwide, and upto 81.3% of Americans over 18, which makes them a valuable addition to your social media ad strategy. But what can you expect?

    Payability helps Amazon sellers take their businesses to the next level. Get fast funding to improve cashflow, reinvest back in your business, and grow faster than the competition. And rest easy knowing you’ll have cash on hand from sales the day after shipping. Now serving Amazon sellers with $10k+ monthly sales. Get funded by the next business day.

    Amazon sellers exceptionally reduce cross-border costs with Currenxie. Amazon Prime Day 2022 is two months away. Are your cross-border payments in check – and structured to maximize your margins? With Currenxie, you can access the world’s largest network of virtual bank account numbers, enabling you to make borderless payments quickly and affordably. Collect payouts in 18 currencies. Make payments to 100+ countries. Keep more of your margins. How much can you save? Upto 5% on cross-border transfers and upto 8x on foreign exchange, compared to traditional banks. Collect and pay in local currencies – and convert funds on your own terms.

    Ready to experience what a superior 3PL can do for your customers? Customer demands of fast shipping, coupled with higher shipping rates can be a major obstacle for eCommerce businesses. Ship faster and save money with the right fulfillment and shipping strategy. Here is how Rakuten Super Logistics can help.

    Get Remarkable Amazon Listing Images to grow your sales. Visualizing your brand’s essence via compelling images makes a massive difference for customers. We know how to showcase your product’s USP in front of customers. If you are looking for Amazon product listing images or A+ content, you have come to the right place. Start one week trial today.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Why Amazon Businesses Suck. Amazon businesses suck. This isn’t some promotional blog post to teach you about the next hottest ecommerce trend like marketing on TikTok or creating a Shopify store instead. This also isn’t a blog post to tell you not to start an Amazon business because there’s no hope in them. Just watch one episode of Shark Tank and see how many times a brand mentions they get most of their business from Amazon to see the chance out there.

    How to Contact Amazon Customer Service via Phone, Email, or Chat. Amazon isn’t your run-of-the-mill company. You can’t ask to speak to the manager about a suspended Amazon account or anything else that might go wrong. So, what do you do if you need help? As an Amazon seller, you must follow certain procedures. Here’s how to contact Amazon seller support directly, or the Seller PerformanceA measure of how well Amazon sellers are… More Team, or any other relevant party.

    How to Delete an Amazon Review. Wondering how to delete an Amazon review or how to get them in the first place? Read on to get all your Amazon review questions answered.

    How to Track Off-Amazon Traffic to Your Listings. Amazon Attribution is a free advertising tool created by Amazon that allows brand-registered sellers to measure the performance of their external advertising efforts. This tool provides sellers with detailed analytics and insights so you can get a better understanding of which non-Amazon marketing channels work best for your business.

    eCommerce Trends

    Find trusted creative providers with Amazon creative services. Amazon creative services allows you to discover, compare, and book directly with trusted service providers for policy compliant and impactful creative assets. Search and filter services based on your requirements, browse reviews, samples of work, and connect directly to manage end-to-end creative delivery with your preferred service provider right within the advertising console.

    Walmart Announces Same-Day Drone Delivery in Six States. In partnership with the company DroneUp, Walmart continues its efforts into new and exciting ways to get packages to customers as fast as possible. According to the announcement, Walmart’s Drone delivery service will now service Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. However, only select neighborhoods can try it.

    TikTok to surpass YouTube in US. Time spent scrolling through TikTok has been growing fast, and the app is notorious for pulling users in. In 2020, the platform shot past Facebook and Instagram, with users spending 38.6 minutes on TikTok, 4 minutes more than Facebook’s 34.6 minutes, despite the social network seeing peek use.

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