#212 – Walmart’s answer to Prime Day starts on June 2

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    Walmart’s answer to Prime Day starts on June 2. Here’s what you need to know. Walmart Plus is a membership program designed for frequent Walmart shoppers. The subscription service competes with the likes of Amazon Prime and Best Buy Totaltech, both of which are pricier. Walmart Plus offers subscribers in-store and online benefits, such as unlimited free delivery and fuel discounts from participating gas stations.

    Fund your Amazon business with Wayflyer. Need to purchase more inventory? Or grow your ad spend coming up to Prime Day? With Wayflyer, you can get fast, flexible funding from $10k to $20m. No collateral, no dilution, just the funding you need to improve your working capital and help you grow your business. Join the thousands of businesses using Wayflyer to fund their growth. Apply now or speak to one of our Amazon funding experts to get a tailored funding offer.

    Developers: Use our API with a few lines of JavaScript. DoorDash Developer gives your business access to a nationwide network of delivery drivers with just a few lines of code. Scalable to your needs, it’s the best, easiest way to offer delivery from any business. Get started now.

    Get paid to train your E-commerce skills, join Wynter’s panelist network. Wynter, a target customer feedback tool, is looking for professionals from the Ecommerce industry to join their research panel. Participate in research studies, get paid for your feedback and comments. Each survey is 1-15 min long. Super low time commitment.

    US E-Commerce Nears $1 Trillion. E-commerce sales over the past twelve months reached $975 billion. Three years ago, the annualized run rate was $518 billion; at the time, it took the market seven years to double in size. This time ten years ago, it was just $208 billion. Thus e-commerce is both smaller than the early pandemic boost would have suggested and bigger than the flat e-commerce penetration figure suggests now. Ultimately, consumer spending is up across the board.

    Outsource your Amazon & Social Media Graphic Design projects today. Businesses big or small can benefit from outsourcing graphic design, especially if you want to scale fast. Want to outsource graphic design but don’t know how? If you’re a solo entrepreneur, a new business owner, or just need a quick design done, RemotePik offers unlimited graphic design at a flat monthly rate. Request a demo today and save $200 with an exclusive offer for Cruxfinder subscribers.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2022. Amazon continues to invest in new tools, features, and programs that benefit the growth of small businesses on Amazon — especially those operated by brand-registered sellers. One of the Amazon Advertising features available to sellers enrolled in Brand Registry is the ability to create a dedicated Amazon Store. An Amazon Store is basically your own custom branded website on Amazon that allows registered brands to showcase their products — without any distractions from competitors’ products or ads. It’ll have the look and feel of a real ecommerce store, with Amazon’s huge audience reach.

    The Intricacies of Amazon DSP Advertising with Martin Zerrudo. A relatively new system, Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) analyzes consumer data and finds the right customers to target ads with. Unlike Facebook or Google ads, DSP gives you access to a wider network of third-party sites and reach people both on and off Amazon, albeit a pricier option. A fair warning: doing ads with DSP can get very granular and specific, which can be intimidating to those unfamiliar with it. However, it can be highly effective when executed correctly.

    Leveraging TikTok For Ecommerce. Cameron Yoder sat down with Christian Cachafeiro, Associate Ecommerce Analyst at Teikametrics, to discuss how sellers and brands can leverage the TikTok app for their ecommerce business in 2022 and beyond. Many know and love TikTok as a fun app. But there is a unique chance for sellers to get in on the ground level and grow with other businesses.

    Sponsored & Organic Rank: The Secret(s) to Optimizing Bids on Amazon. There are almost 2 million Amazon sellers that are actively selling in the online marketplace. With so many competitors within the space, it is of utmost importance to remain competitive. In order to run a high margin business, one must think strategically, especially when it comes to advertising spending.

    eCommerce Trends

    21 Huge TikTok Trends & How to Find New Ones. TikTok is the birthplace of some of the internet’s most popular memes, fashion inspiration, influencers, and even food trends. But, how do you know what TikTok trends to follow? How do you make sure you’re keeping up with what’s trending and what’s already on the way out? Here are some of the app’s most evergreen trends to inspire your next video.

    Why No One Watches Your Amazon Sponsored Brand Videos & How To Fix It. We hope you aren’t blowing your entire budget on Sponsored Brand Videos because the data tells us that nobody is watching your video, and it doesn’t matter. In this episode, Brent Zahradnik of AMZ Pathfinder joins Michael to break down the impact your videos are making, if any, and to highlight how to optimize your video, if you deem it even matters.

    2022 Amazon Advertising Guide for Sellers. Whether you’re launching your first private label product, reselling wholesale products, or you own a large brand, it’s imperative that you have an Amazon advertising strategy in place. As a seller, big or small, it’s important to fully understand the various advertising tools Amazon has to offer—especially as the competition continues to grow.

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