#208 – Buy with Prime, a new way to grow your DTC store

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    Buy with Prime, a new way to grow your DTC store. Buy with Prime is a new way to extend Prime shopping benefits—including fast, free shipping, a seamless checkout experience, and free returns—to merchants’ own online stores, ultimately increasing selection for Prime members. Join the waitlist today.

    Fund your Amazon business with Wayflyer. Need to purchase more inventory? Or increase your ad spend coming up to Prime Day? With Wayflyer, you can get fast, flexible funding from $10k to $20m. No collateral, no dilution, just the funding you need to improve your working capital and help you grow your business. Join the thousands of businesses using Wayflyer to fund their growth. Apply now or speak to one of our Amazon funding experts to get a tailored funding offer.

    10 Secret Weapons of Amazon Superbrands: Free webinar from eComEngine and Exclusive Concepts to help you level up your Amazon game on May 4th. Learn how to interpret Amazon’s brand analytics, tap into audience targeting features, and accurately monitor your top competitors. Register now!

    Skip the 5% FBA fuel charge and keep your keyword rankings and sales flowing with reliable 1 & 2 day shipping through FBM. Ware2Go offers dedicated support, effortless integration, inventory forecasting and industry-leading 48-hour shipment receiving. Plus, Ware2Go exceeds SFP requirements. Save and get the premiere UPS warehouse, fulfillment & logistics partner with Ware2Go today.

    Save time and money when you pay suppliers directly in China or anywhere else in the world. Sign up with PingPong’s Supplier Pay function and your fees will be waived off for the first 3 months. PingPong helps you take more control of your capital management with 11 virtual receiving accounts, access to instant payment networks, and integrations with leading marketplaces and ERP systems like Quickbooks and Xero. See how PingPong can help scale your Amazon business.

    TikTok Creator Marketplace: How its Benefiting Brands in 2022. Tiktok Creator Marketplace or TCM was launched in the year 2020. It functions as an analytics tool to determine the reach of engagement and the views and demographics that an influencer has. A brand can quickly select the content creator for collaboration by looking at these data points. Create TCM account today.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Promote Your Brand on Social Media During Prime Day 2022 – Just $10 a day. Are you ready to promote your Brand during Prime Day 2022? The biggest bottleneck Amazon Sellers face is getting social media creatives for their Brands. To succeed on Instagram & Facebook you need to post 5-10 fresh creatives per week. Don’t be left behind during Prime Day 2022, start building your brand on Social Media with just $10 a day.

    Why Amazon Seller Conferences Are So Important For 2022. Amazon seller conferences are a great way to level up your eCommerce game. The meetups, the lectures and other related events really help create an entrepreneurial “hive mind.” Amazon seller conferences allow you to benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of the MANY Amazon sellers that have come before. These focused meetups are a great place to not only find the answers you’ve been looking for, eCommerce conferences help you to understand how to come up with the right questions in the first place. Check out the best upcoming events.

    Is TikTok Really The Place To Market Your Amazon Product? Considering TikTok marketing for your Amazon brand? Learn how to make the most of this new social network marketing opportunity.

    TikTok Advertising: How to Turn Memes Into Social Media Marketing Gold. Before launching your brand into the TikTok universe, you need to understand what it is you want from your target audience and how that aligns with your business objectives. Are you looking to introduce your brand to an entirely new community? Do you want to share details about a new product or service? Do you want to retarget and engage your current customers?

    eCommerce Trends

    The Beginner’s Guide to Live Commerce. The popularity of video has led to a new kind of trending content consumption – live streaming, and with it, live commerce. The popularity of video shopping shouldn’t surprise you. In a 2022 survey found that as many as 74% of millennials said they find videos helpful when comparison shopping. So, what exactly is “live commerce”?

    New Amazon Brand Analytics search dashboards are now available. Amazon has launched two new Brand Analytics search dashboards, Search Catalog Performance and Search Query Performance. These two new dashboards give you new views into your customers’ shopping funnels and the top queries relevant to your brand. Go to Brand Analytics 46 to start running your search queries today.

    Instagram Stories 360: All Business Owners Need to Know. In this guide, we’ll be going over everything related to Instagram stories and how they can help you grow your business. Whatever your view on this form of marketing, we’ll be sharing with you how IG stories are a valuable tool for promoting your business.

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