#207 – FBA Sellers Slammed with 5% Surcharge

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    Amazon Slams FBA Sellers With New 5% Fuel and Inflation Surcharge. Amazon said Wednesday it plans to add a fuel and inflation surcharge of roughly 5% to existing fees it collects from U.S. third-party sellers who use the company’s fulfillment services. The fee will go into effect in about two weeks, and is “subject to change,” Read More.

    Introducing the 3PS Awards—a first-of-its-kind program honoring exceptional 3rd-Party Amazon sellers. These awards will focus on recognizing the fastest-growing sellers in the industry, but they aren’t just about the accolades. The program will also give up to $250K in prizes (so far) and connect participants to partners, industry experts, and other top-tier sellers to build a community focused on how to effectively build and scale brands. Cruxfinder readers will get a special promo waiving the initial application fee. Apply using code: 3PSCRUX.

    Why don’t funding providers work with natural cashflow cycles? Sure, there are more options than ever to fund your Amazon growth, but why do so many options either take equity or draw daily debits or require repayment while you’re still waiting for revenue to land? And why is the APR so high? Kickfurther created a more intuitive model. We fund your inventory order ($20,000 – $5,000,000+), you make no payments until it sells, and the cost is a tiny markup on your cost of goods. Book an introduction and Kickfurther will buy you lunch! Get $500 off any Kickfurther service exclusively for Cruxfinder readers.

    How do you know where your organic sales are really coming from? How much is coming from search within Amazon, and how much is coming from search on Google? Find out how much traffic Editorial can drive for your products.

    Ship for Less with Xparcel. Shipping rates keep rising. Retailers now have an option to reduce shipping costs when they choose Xparcel shipping from Rakuten Super Logistics. Same speed, same service – lower costs! Get started with RSL today!

    How Amazon MYCE works – What does it really do? In 2021, Amazon released a new email advertsing tool to help brands connect more directly with their clients: Manage Your Customer Engagement. MYCE gives sellers a chance to use in-house Amazon tools to reach customers outside of the platform, specifically by sending email alerts and responses.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Promote Your Brand on Social Media During Prime Day 2022 – Just $10 a day. Are you ready to promote your Brand during Prime Day 2022? The biggest bottleneck Amazon Sellers face is getting social media creatives for their Brands. To succeed on Instagram & Facebook you need to post 5-10 fresh creatives per week. Don’t be left behind during Prime Day 2022, start building your brand on Social Media with just $10 a day.

    How TikTok Algorithm Works in 2022. With over one billion people, TikTok is an extremely valuable platform for marketers and content creators. Most people use it because of its entertaining videos in bite-sized sizes, which makes it a huge scope for eCommerce brands.

    Amazon Aggregator Dirty Tricks When Buying Your FBA Business. There has probably never been a better time to sell a quality Private label or customer product business. The meteoric rise of Amazon aggregators since about 2020 has meant a jump in the competition for buyers of Amazon-based businesses. What does this mean? Well, an Amazon business with the same exact margin might be worth twice now what is was worth 2 years ago. However, this buying frenzy can lead to private label business owners making a series of mistakes when it comes to selling their businesses.

    Helium 10 Search Volume Exposed? What’s the difference between Helium 10 search volume compared to Amazon’s search volume tools? In this episode, Bradley dives into this topic and more!

    eCommerce Trends

    What Are TikTok Spark Ads? TikTok Spark Ads have discovered the perfect way to fit into the feed and catch users’ attention effortlessly and seamlessly. This is why so many brands have been switching up their old ways and trying out Spark Ads for themselves.

    Nine Months of $10,000 Container Rates. Container shipping rates from China to the U.S. have been above $10,000 for nine months. Compared to charges pre-pandemic, they are still up ten times. While global supply chains have slightly stabilized, the freight system is far from being back to normal.

    User-Generated Content Examples To Inspire Your Marketing. Most people know about user-generated content (UGC), and how marketing teams are increasingly using it to make their branding more authentic and relatable. However, when it comes to dreaming up a UGC strategy, figuring out how to best put this kind of content to good use can leave some marketers scratching their heads.

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