#205 – Amazon Launched New Seller Incentives

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    Amazon launched New Seller Incentives to help you grow your brand. Eligible new sellers who enroll in Brand Registry can get 5% bonuses on up to $1,000,000 in branded sales (up to $50K in bonuses), free Vine enrollment for one product to kickstart product reviews ($200 value), and up to 2000 free Transparency codes to proactively protect your products against counterfeits ($100 value). See all incentives here.

    Get Celebrities to Promote your Product on Amazon Live! Learn how Amazon subsidizes the cost of celebrity influencers, making celebrity endorsements affordable to brands of all sizes. With new celebrity influencers recently added to Rebaid’s influencer program it is easier and more affordable than ever to get massive exposure for your brand or product. Not sure if influencer content converts to sales? See our recent case study which demonstrated a 68% higher ROI from Amazon Live campaigns as compared to Sponsored Product PPC ads.

    Wonder how much Amazon pays on their buy-now-pay-later integrations? Or eBay on payment processing? A lot less than you unfortunately, since the largest e-commerce corporations have access to preferential pricing given their sheer size. ScalePower is bringing the same advantage to e-commerce operators of all sizes. We use group buying to negotiate lower costs with top providers, and make those deals available for you, for free. Already, our efforts have saved current members more than 40% on fees. We currently have live deals and are in the negotiating process for many more. Join here.

    Wynter, a target customer feedback tool, is looking for ecommerce professionals to join its research panel. Participate in research surveys, get paid for your feedback and comments. Help develop great products with your feedback, make an impact in the ecommerce community. Super low key commitment, 1-15 mins per survey.

    Amazon will automatically remove your inventory from 15 April. To create more room for your products during Prime Day, Amazon has initiated automated inventory removal. Starting April 15, 2022, the following inventory will be removed automatically, unless you opt out. Click to see opt-out process.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Important Dates and Events for Amazon Sellers in 2022. As an Amazon seller, it’s important to be informed of pertinent dates and seasons, especially regarding spikes in online shopping or chances for product research and networking. Get your calendars ready and start planning the rest of 2022. Here are important dates and events for Amazon sellers to take note of this year.

    How user-generated content can help you sell more online. If you’re in an eCommerce business, you know the struggle. You have a million competitors and a hundred different marketing channels to be on to reach potential customers. You know your products are unique and you’re trying all sorts of new content options. However, it’s a bit discouraging to put in all that effort and still have low engagement rates and abandoned shopping carts.

    How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops in 2022. You might be building a brand on Facebook, but if you don’t know how to sell on Facebook, you’re missing out on a big chance to expand your customer base. If you want to sell on Facebook, but don’t know where to start, this step-by-step guide is for you.

    eCommerce Trends

    Planning to Sell your Amazon business? Some Amazon Aggregators Pause Acquisitions. A few Amazon aggregators have paused acquisitions due to growth in seller valuations, supply chain disruptions, and struggles to grow acquired brands caused the industry to readjust.

    Top Tips From Prosper Show Experts. In this episode, Bradley brings his podcast studio inside the Helium 10 booth at the Prosper Show in Las Vegas and talks with some of the top sellers and influencers in the industry.

    Here’s Why You Need An ASIN Defense Strategy On Amazon ASAP. Most brands neglect setting up an ASIN Defense Strategy on Amazon. This is a crucial mistake, which can really harm your conversion rate. Let’s say you are searching for your sponsored items on Amazon. Do you notice competing ads ranking higher in the search results? See how ASIN defensive strategy can help you out.

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