#204 – Fulfillment fee: Important update on US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees

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    Important update on US Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees. Due to rising costs of fulfillment and transportation, Amazon has hiked the US multi-channel fulfillment fees to ensure that MCF fees are competitive with other third-party logistics providers. Click here to check the fee change schedule to understand its impact on your business.

    Brands that engage better, scale bigger. Branding has changed in the digital world and Brands need to know how, when, and where they should be engaging with customers. Here’s the sure-shot guide to customer engagement, filled with customer intelligence statistics that you can’t afford to ignore.

    Top Amazon sellers Grow their sales by up to 3x and achieved a page#1 ranking. How can you do it for your Brand? Introducing Stack influence, they help Amazon sellers to automate product seeding campaigns using 11M social media users across the USA. Click to link to see how their scalable Micro-Influencer promotions helped brands to get the Amazon Choice badge in as little as 2 months.

    Facing cash flow issues related to FBA inventory, marketing, advertising, infrastructure, management? Onramp offers lowest cost working capital in the industry. Their flexible repayment plans aligns directly with your Amazon sales. Get the cash you need to power your business, work with a partner who cares. See this video from a fellow Amazon seller.

    RakutenSL will beat your 3PL’s pricing or you get $1,000. Overpaying for fulfillment? Don’t get mad. GET SUPER. RakutenSL reach 98% of the United States within 2 days at ground rates. Want to stop overpaying for fulfillment? Request for a quote today.

    Get Remarkable Amazon Listing Images to grow your sales. Visualizing your brand’s essence via compelling images makes a massive difference for customers. We know how to showcase your product’s USP in front of customers. If you are looking for Amazon product listing images or A+ content, you have come to the right place. Start one week trial today.

    Fulfillment fee
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    Sales Growth Strategies

    Attention!!! Seasonal removal of meltable inventory starts April 15. Starting April 15, 2022, meltable inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers will be removed and disposed of for a fee. To avoid disposal, submit removal orders for meltable inventory before this date. “Meltable” refers to all heat-sensitive products, including but not limited to chocolate, gummies, and select jelly- and wax-based products.

    How to Set up your First Amazon DSP campaign in 2022. Sellers can take advantage of the data Amazon has collected from Prime Day, by using some of the features from Sponsored Display Ads. Sponsored Display Ads allow sellers to retarget potential buyers both on and off Amazon. Learn how to setup Amazon DSP today to stay ahead of the curve.

    Submit Prime Day Deals before the deadline and send shipment. Amazon encourages you to prepare for Prime Day sale early and stock sufficient inventory of your products. Due to ongoing global supply chain challenges, it might take longer than usual to ship inventory to fulfillment centers. Click to see the Prime Day Deal Submission deadline and send your shipment in time.

    How to Boost Your Sales with Google Shopping Ads. Well, the pandemic did soar online markets to new heights. But most of the shopping glory has been taken by biggies like Amazon (made almost 38% of US online sales) and Walmart (5.8%). On the other hand, competition in your niche market is also rising. How will you manage to stand out of the crowd with so much competition looming on? The answer is Google shopping ads!

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon introduces Quick Tips & Engage with Amazon on the Seller Forums. In response to Seller feedback, we have launched two new categories within the Seller Forums: ‘Quick Tips from Amazon’ and ‘Engage with Amazon’.

    Why a Top Seller Is Dropping His Amazon Ad Budget to Zero. We are Amazon’s #1 drinkware supplier. In 2022 we will sell over 4 million tumblers and water bottles. Over the past few years, we have spent over $10 million on Amazon ads. This month our budget went to $0. Click to read more.

    Amazon’s $31B ad business, explained. Advertising has replaced product recommendations and personalization on Amazon and other retailers’ websites. They are no longer trying to guide product discovery, letting ads instead lead the journey. Very insighful article on Amazon Ads business.

    Amazon launched a new Quick Start Guide for brands. Our Quick Start Guide for brands takes you through the first stages of Amazon brand ownership. Learn requirements for selling your brand in the Amazon store, find out how to trademark your brand and enroll in Amazon Brand

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