#200 – Amazon Files Lawsuit to Shut Down Fake Review Brokers

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    Amazon Files Lawsuit to Shut Down Fake Review Brokers. Amazon’s legal action comes after an in-depth investigation into these review brokers, which taken together claim to have more than 900,000 members willing to write fake reviews. Fake review brokers attempt to hide their activity and evade detection. For example, the fake review site AppSally sells fake reviews for as low as at $20 and instructs bad actors to ship empty boxes to people willing to write fake reviews, and to provide AppSally with photos to be uploaded alongside their reviews. The fraudulent scheme run by Rebatest will only pay people writing 5-star reviews after their fake reviews are approved by the bad actors attempting to sell those items.

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    Another year full of surprises, 2021 Q4 saw big spikes and big losses for the holiday season. Find out exactly what happened with the 2021 Q4 Analysis where Feedvisor examines sales and advertising data on Amazon. Learn what the biggest category shake-ups were, the best day for deals, sales performance for product categories, advertising strategies that worked, and key takeaways to help you benchmark your performance and inform your strategy for the year ahead.

    How to Handle Amazon Quantity Limits in 2022. If you are a seller through Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program (FBA), you are subject to Amazon quantity limits. This means that Amazon may limit the number of units you can ship to their fulfillment centers. In the summer of 2020, Amazon made a significant inventory storage update that affected many FBA sellers. The ASIN-level quantity was limited to just 200 units, making it difficult to launch new products on Amazon.

    The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Brand in Amazon’s store. There are so many reasons to build your brand with Amazon. The Ultimate Guide to Build Your Brand in Amazon’s store highlights an exclusive set of brand benefit tools, designed specifically for sellers who are brand owners and have registered their brand with Amazon Brand Registry. These tools can help to protect your brand, connect to customers, grow your audience, and inform your strategy.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    A Complete Guide To Amazon Pinpoint And How It Works. Personalization is by far the best way to ensure consumer engagement in the long run. You’re always more likely to give your attention to content that’s been tailored to your needs and tastes. However, the trouble often lies in the execution, and the larger your consumer base, the more complex it becomes. Fortunately, there are some great tools available to simplify this process. Chief among them is Amazon Pinpoint. Here’s a complete guide to what it is and how you can make it work for your business.

    Rising Amazon Advertising Costs: Don’t Just Monitor ACoS. Amazon advertising cost is an important part of your budget. As advertising costs rise (along with FBA fees, cost of manufacturing, shipping fees, and more) there are many factors to consider when it comes to managing your ads. In this guest article, Blue Wheel Media shares insights to help you make the most of your Amazon ad dollars.

    Get Amazon Listing & A+ Images That Tells Your Business Story. Visualizing your brand’s essence via compelling images makes a massive difference for customers. We know how to showcase your product’s USP in front of customers. If you are looking for Amazon product listing images or A+ content, you have come to the right place. Get one complimentary image per week.

    How Shopify Fulfillment Network Brings 2-Day Delivery to Your Store. Shipping times are incredibly influential on buyers. 67% of US consumers expect same-, next- or two-day shipping. This puts a lot of pressure on merchants to offer short shipping windows, which is really tough when you’re also managing suppliers, marketing campaigns, and customer support in between trips to the post office. Wondering how Shopify Fulfillment Network can help you get orders into your customers’ hands quickly and keep them coming back? Let’s take a look at the journey of an order as it gets delivered.

    eCommerce Trends

    What Is TikTok : A Growing Strategy for Your Next Campaign 2022. TikTok is nevertheless undiscovered territory for all people over the age of 25. Extremely famous with Gen Z, TikTok is a glimpse into its potential to develop in today’s hyper-connected world. The sizeable majority of customers on Facebook are aged 40 plus, while Instagram is more famous with customers aged 20-40.

    Amazon Sponsored Discount is now available for shipping labels. Amazon has launched Amazon Sponsored Discount for shipping labels purchased through Buy Shipping to support you in providing fast, on-time, and tracked products to customers. These discounts will be available for select reliable and faster ship methods. When using Buy Shipping on Seller Central, you will see the shipping methods that are discounted with a blue badge that says Amazon Sponsored Discount with a discounted price next to it. If you’re using Buy Shipping through Shipping Integrators that have Buy Shipping enabled, you will automatically see the discounted price.

    Protect Your Sales Using Brand Gating On Amazon. Back in 2016, the retail giant launched brand gating on Amazon. This policy requires merchants to get approval for selling specific products. Amazon brand gating requires a $1500 fee per brand. Brands must also provide manufacturer invoices, and written permission to sell products. With this data, brand gated items are protected against potential counterfeits. Thus, brands can sell genuine products, and protect themselves from knock-off imitations. Below, we’ll tell you how to get brand gating on Amazon to protect your brand. Let’s dive right in!

    What Is Amazon Live and How Do I Use It? Is Amazon Live the new QVC? While QVC reaches 380 million homes and satisfies the buying impulses of the largely 35-year-old-plus female audience that tunes in, livestream shopping on Amazon has the potential to do more. After all, it is already a proven concept. And nothing beats the intimacy of live video.

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