#197 – $600 billion worth of goods were sold on Amazon in 2021

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    $600 billion worth of goods were sold on Amazon in 2021. Total worldwide GMV was $600 billion, up 22% year-over-year. It had more than doubled in three years from $277 billion in 2018. Amazon’s growth in 2021 had slowed down considerably compared to 2020 – its growth had halved. However, Amazon still grew GMV by more than $100 billion. The third-party marketplace was responsible for over 80% of the incremental GMV. Its sales have nearly doubled in just two years – from $200 billion in 2019 to $390 billion in 2021.

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    Livestream on Amazon and Drive Sales for Your Brand. Has your brand tried livestreaming on Amazon yet? Livestreaming on Amazon brings interactive live video to the Amazon shopping experience. It’s a feature available for all US Professional Sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry, US Vendors with an approved Amazon Store, and Amazon Influencers with an active influencer storefront.

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    How To Get The (Absolute) Most Out Of Your Amazon Listing Images. We are visual creatures, which means we are often visual shoppers. How can Amazon sellers create product images that drive clicks? 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, so it’s no wonder that’s where most of our judgments and decisions come from. In e-commerce, the quality of your visuals is what will dictate success on Amazon.

    Amazon Infographics for Product Listing OptimizationIn today’s competitive eCommerce landscape, sellers need to get creative to make their products and listings stand out on Amazon. You may have the best product in your niche, but if you cannot portray that to your potential customers in an engaging and informative manner, your products may not get the love they deserve. Since customers cannot see and touch your product in person, infographics are a powerful way to enhance the shopping experience and showcase your product attractively. In this article, we’re going to go over what infographics are, why you should use them for your Amazon listings, and how to create infographics that sell.

    Grow your sales on Amazon with Remarkable Product Videos costing just $59. Although eCommerce product videos are popular among sellers, not all Amazon sellers are aware of the impact that they can have on their Amazon business. Top Amazon sellers encourage the use of Amazon product videos on product listings for improved sales conversion. A product video is essentially a visual demonstration of a listed product that showcases the product’s content, benefit, or feature. The main purpose of an eCommerce product video is to convey what the product can do. Get Amazon Listing video at just $59.

    What is the best way to find the most effective hashtags on Instagram for your brand. How do you find the most effective hashtags for your brand? Which hashtags are most popular at the moment? How can you use hashtags to promote your brand? You can find discover the answer in this Instagram hashtag guide.

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    5 Ways to Lower Your ACoS Without Sacrificing Visibility. Although, it is important to note that ACoS alone should not be used to measure profitability. The entire cost structure of your product should be taken into account. ACoS should not be used in isolation and should always be paired with other important metrics for overarching success across the business.

    How To Use Reddit To Create Your Next eCommerce Marketing Campaign. Promoting your business’s e-commerce through social media is a fantastic method of attracting new customers. It’s not popular as Facebook however it has a large enough user base to claim “the front page of the internet” as its tagline. The 430 million active users on Reddit make it the 11th most-popular social network around the globe and is the seventh most visited site across the U.S. So there are certainly plenty of chances to meet new users here.

    Role of Amazon RMA in Returns Processing and How Sellers Should Deal With Amazon Returns. One of the factors often left unrecognized by Amazon sellers, especially less experienced sellers, is the reality of Amazon product returns. Newbie Amazon sellers often become too engrossed with their sales that they forget to anticipate and adequately respond to Amazon returns.

    Insurance Requirements For Amazon Sellers: FAQ’s. Questions about Amazon’s seller insurance requirements and documentation? We’ve assembled the most frequently asked insurance questions here!

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