#196 – How Two Sellers Scaled From $1.7 to $6.4 Millions On Amazon In One Year

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    How Two Sellers Scaled From $1.7 to $6.4 Million On Amazon In One Year. Today, we’re gonna bring back two individuals who had a great story the last time there on the podcast of how they 30x the income that they used to make when they live in Nigeria. Now they’re back to talk about how in the last year, they were able to grow their total revenue from 1.75 million to almost 6 million dollars. How cool is that? Pretty cool I think.

    Reach 99% of the US with 1-day or 2-day delivery without leasing new warehouses or contracting with multiple 3PLs. Looking for a Proven FBM Fulfillment Partner? FBA and 3PLs keep raising prices and adding fees, squeezing your margin. Receiving delays and inventory limits create stockouts. Cahoot can ship your orders quickly and reliably, at a low cost by design. Their flexible network handles FBM, FBA replenishment and backup, and even SFP. Pre-built integrations and powerful software do the heavy lifting for you. Lowest Cost by Design and 5-Star Rated on Amazon. Get a No Charge quote today.

    Think you understand your Amazon customers? Find out exactly what you’re missing with Nozzle’s proprietary Customer Analytics tool. Utilize unique metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to understand how much each of your customers is actually worth. Accurately determine Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), optimize your ad budgets, and gain an invaluable advantage over your competitors. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the ability to confidently outspend your competitors allows you to expand your brand and business while most sellers struggle to stay afloat. No matter the size of your business, understanding your customers in such unprecedented depth allows you to acquire, retain, and value your customers like never before. Say goodbye to guesswork and accurately acquire the data you need to make key business decisions. Try our 14-day trial for no charge and enjoy our exclusive offer for CruxFinder readers of half price off your first month following your trial!

    Up your Amazon fulfillment game in 2022. Amazon sellers’ top three fulfillment challenges during the 2021 holiday season were FBA inventory limits, slow inbounds, and meeting Amazon fulfillment requirements. Sellers scrambled to find solutions fast, and many landed on creative ways to approach their Amazon fulfillment strategy through the holidays and beyond. Learn how they decreased stockouts, improved search rankings, and grew customer loyalty with this practical guide to fulfillment on Amazon.

    Amazon Sellers Hit Hard By New Compliance Measures. The reported 40% growth in Amazon marketplace sellers during 2021 has come with its challenges for Amazon, as they crack down on businesses by introducing stricter compliance measures to ensure consumer protection. Unaware businesses are being left stunned by regulation notices resulting in major product changes or account closures, making it hard for brands to come back from, with high-cost implications.At BRANDED, we are e-commerce operational experts, passionate about accelerating growth for Amazon businesses and have compiled common compliance mistakes our experts are seeing, with potentially devastating consequences. Discover the steps you can take today, to ensure your Amazon business continues to flourish.

    Get Agency-Quality Product Videos For 10X Less. Billo offers premium videos to elevate your product page & video ads to engage your customers. You will get professionally edited 4K videos with simple order process. Billo is trusted by 10K+ brands, has produced 43K+ videos this year, and is always on a mission to introduce up-to-date products for your digital marketing needs! Get premium quality videos without breaking your bank. Pay per video from only $159!

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Get Remarkable Amazon Product Videos to grow your sales on Amazon. Although eCommerce product videos are popular among sellers, not all Amazon sellers are aware of the impact that they can have on their Amazon business. Top Amazon sellers encourage the use of Amazon product videos on product listings for improved sales conversion. A product video is essentially a visual demonstration of a listed product that showcases the product’s content, benefit, or feature. The main purpose of an eCommerce product video is to convey what the product can do. Get Amazon Listing videos at a flat monthly rate. Request a demo today and save $200 with exclusive offer for CruxFinder subscribers.

    How Supply Chain Challenges Are Impacting Amazon Sellers. Amazon businesses of all sizes reported experiencing supply chain-related challenges during 2021. This included 94% of large brands selling their products on Amazon, 93% of ecommerce brand management agencies, and 74% of small first- and third-party Amazon businesses.

    Lessons Learned From 9 eCom Brands Killing It With UGC. User-generated content (or user-created content) is defined as any form of content, such as pictures, videos, text or audio that’s been posted by users of online platforms, such as social media sites. UGC is a hot topic nowadays because it’s such a powerful marketing tool. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and most recently TikTok are perfect platforms for businesses to encourage the creation of UGC that promotes their product. In many ways, it’s become more mainstream than conventional advertising.

    NFTs are the Next Big Thing in Ecommerce. Many potential investors are wondering if the non-fungible tokens will be a bubble as they gain acceptance. The potential for NFTs are numerous examples from real-world and practical instances of this technology are crucial to determining their utility, sustainability, and the future.

    eCommerce Trends

    Simplify US seller-fulfilled returns with the new Returns Provider program. To help international sellers manage seller-fulfilled returns from US customers, we’re launching the Returns Provider (RP) program. If you don’t have a US return address, the Returns Provider program can connect you with service providers to manage your returns. The Returns Provider program will launch to a limited number of international sellers on February 16, 2022, and then to all sellers by March 2022.

    10 ways Affiliate Marketing can Boost the Sales of your Ecommerce Store in 2022. The process of starting an ecommerce store isn’t easy, and one largely untapped digital marketing avenue is affiliate marketing. Suppose you’re only dipping your toes in the affiliate marketing market or you’re looking to dive in and realize the potential of your e-commerce store. In that case, this guide will help you understand affiliate marketing and how it can boost your eCommerce store.

    Instagram Live Shopping: Everything You Need to Know. For the uninitiated, live shopping is best described as social media joining forces with the home shopping network. Apparently, live shopping arose in 2016 for the first time with popular Chinese influencers using an app called TaoBao to demonstrate and sell their products. Fast forward to today, and it’s now a $60 billion industry, and unsurprisingly, retailers in the west are lining up to buy into this trend.

    What is a Micro Influencer and Do You Need One for Your Brand? You can’t open up Instagram these days without seeing a #sponsored post, reel, or story where someone is promoting a #gifted product. This is the norm in the new age of influencer social media marketing. But if you tend to scroll right past these posts from large influencer accounts, they’re probably not super effective. The goal of this type of marketing is to build genuine connections with your target customers through a trustworthy third-party.

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