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#195 – Amazon Account Health support on-demand service available to 100% of professional sellers in 2022

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Amazon Account Health support on-demand service available to 100% of professional sellers in 2022. In 2021, for a portion of sellers, we launched a new Call-Me-Now support feature on the Account Health page 81 to speak to one of our Account Health specialists on demand, 7 days a week. In 2022, we will extend this coverage to 100% of professional sellers to further expand the access to our on-demand access to the Account Health support team. sellercentral.amazon.com

Ready to Save Upto 29% on Shipping Costs? Xparcel from Rakuten Super Logistics reduces online retailers’ shipping costs while maintaining targeted shipping speeds. Xparcel’s proprietary algorithm shops national and regional carrier rates to find the optimal shipping method for every package shipped. Getting started with Xparcel is as easy as selecting your preferred shipping speed. Want to compete with FAST delivery? Xparcel Priority delivers to your customers in an average of 1-3 transit days. Need the best combination of speed and service? Xparcel Expedited delivers to your customers in an average of 2-5 transit days. Want to maximize margins? Xparcel Ground delivers to your customers in an average of 3-8 transit days. Xparcel – just one of the reasons Rakuten Super Logistics is the superstar of order fulfillment. rakutensl.com

Exit strategies can be a win-win for everyone. Rainforest is interested in e-Commerce store owners in the home, or mom and baby niches who are looking to sell their businesses. Find out how much your business is worth today! rainforest.life

Are there ways to affordably, consistently and successfully launch products on Amazon without violating the Seller Code of Conduct? In light of recent policy updates by Amazon, this question has never been more relevant. Prevailing wisdom would dictate that for small brands to compete against large brands (and even Amazon’s brands) some amount of rule breaking is needed. However as we’ll outline in this article none of those tactics are needed. In fact many “white hat” launch strategies are more effective and less expensive than the “black hat” methods. Rebaid has revamped our platform with multiple new placement and promotions types that are highly effective for quickly and successfully launching products while complying with Amazon’s policies. rebaid.com

Ecommerce PR is used to build authority, generate traffic, drive sales, and build brand awareness. It helps with SEO, improves search visibility, improves your brand’s reputation. But it is difficult to get in contact with affiliate publishers. Seller Rocket is an affiliate marketing platform that works with both publishers and sellers. We’ve partnered with publishers inside the invite-only Amazon Onsite Associates Program as well as those who write affiliate content on their own sites. We help brands get recognized in the digital marketplace. Contact us to get started. sellerrocket.io

Sales Growth Strategies

Top Amazon SEO, PPC, and Conversion Hacks for 2022. Want to see your competitor’s backend keywords? Want to get more real estate on your listings in addition to A+ content? How about getting access to an “easter egg” report within Seller Central showing some valuable backend data? In this article, I’ll give you 12 little-known tips and tricks for getting better rankings and conversions in 2022. ecomcrew.com

UPS SurePost vs FedEx SmartPost – Ultimate comparison for 2022. If you’re looking to reduce shipping costs, begin by making a phone call for your UPS and FedEx representative. Talk to the representative regarding UPS SurePost or FedEx SmartPost. These are integrated delivery services that utilize the extensive logistical capabilities provided by UPS and FedEx and rely on the U.S. Postal Service to provide final delivery to your client. cruxfinder.com

Outsource your Amazon & Social Media Graphic Design projects today. Businesses big or small can benefit from outsourcing graphic design, especially if you want to scale fast. Want to outsource graphic design but don’t know how? If you’re a solo entrepreneur, new business owner, or just need a quick design done, RemotePik offers unlimited graphic design at a flat monthly rate. Request a demo today and save $200 with exclusive offer for CruxFinder subscribers. remotepik.com

51% of Marketers Still Struggling to Produce Creative Content for Social Media. Majority of marketers (51%) are still struggling to consistently produce creative content for social media platforms. About 43% are challenged by the decline of organic reach and the need to grow paid advertising budgets, while 34% are finding difficulty integrating data and technology to craft a unified customer view. komarketing.com

eCommerce Trends

Thousands of Amazon sellers using Twitter to gain fake or incentivised reviews. One Twitter user shared a spreadsheet of more than 22,000 listings and was following almost 800 other Twitter profiles. Another, based in India, told our team they had ‘more than 10,000’ products for sale on Amazon that they were looking for positive feedback for. Which? has looked into multiple methods of review manipulation over the past few years and first discovered review groups on Facebook. which.co.uk

The 2022 Definitive Guide to Social Media Image, Video, and Cover Photo Sizes. If you have developed visual content for any sort of social media channel, you indubitably have had the experience of uploading the “perfect” image or video just to find that it either won’t upload or that it looks awful once it is on the intended channel because the dimensions don’t match the platform’s criteria. clearvoice.com

10 Best Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns & Ideas. Building Valentine’s Day buzz is all about knowing your audience and finding a strong way to elicit customer engagement with relatable content. There are a variety of marketing strategies you can employ to surprise, delight, and drive sales during this Valentine’s Day season, from social media promotions to SMS campaigns, and more. Here are 10 Valentine’s Day marketing strategies to help you share the love with your customers this February. yotpo.com

Why User-Generated Content is Important for any Marketing Strategy. Most of us know what user-generated content (UGC) is and that many brands use this type of content to power their marketing campaigns. The question is, is a UGC strategy the right choice for your brand and why is user-generated content an important asset to have as part of your marketing arsenal? nosto.com

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