#191 – Marketplaces Year in Review 2021 – Must Read for Amazon Sellers

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    Marketplaces Year in Review 2021 – Must Read for Amazon Sellers. 2021 was the year of broken supply chains, Amazon aggregators, more advertising, Shopify’s almost-marketplace, and one unanswered question – did the pandemic boost e-commerce after all? For now, the world of marketplaces revolves around Amazon – it has doubled in size in two years. No one will challenge it directly, but a different paradigm might.

    Recent Amazon policy updates have disrupted the product launch blueprints followed by sellers for the past 3-4 years. But with disruption comes great chance and an enormous but largely unnoticed moment has emerged. Amazon Live is the most cost effective and impactful growth strategy for Amazon Sellers that is also ToS friendly. Rebaid is proud to be the only major launch platform facilitating placements on Amazon Live broadcast with “Amazon A-List” influencers. Sign up for a Rebaid Seller account and create an Influencer Campaign in minutes. Just enter some basic information about your product and campaign goals. We’ll display the Amazon Live influencers that are the best fit based on your criteria. Choose an influencer and submit your campaign. We’ll coordinate delivery of a sample product unit and schedule your product feature on the influencers upcoming broadcast!

    Editorial Recommendations from prestige publishing houses drove over $500M in revenue in November alone. Seller Rocket clients saw an average of 9K in revenue from editorial sources. Learn how to get your products featured in this highly effective content inside Amazon search results and on publisher’s websites. Cruxfinder subscribers can access a complimentary product assessment!

    People sell e-commerce businesses for a variety of reasons whether your business has outgrown you, you’re looking to raise capital to bring another idea to life, or you’ve met your goals and projected targets and are looking to move on to newer pastures. Bottom line is, you have an online business for sale and you must identify the most effective, with high margin, seamless, and efficient means to accomplish it. Selling an e-commerce business is a little different from selling a physical brick-and-mortar store. We’ll guide you on how to best value your business, and how you can list your e-commerce business for sale in easy steps.

    Amazon drops Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score to 400. The announcement is great news for Amazon sellers as this will also reduce the effort spent to improve IPI scores. Amazon will update the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score required to have unlimited storage volume at FBA warehouses. Effective January 1st, the required 450 IPI score will drop to 400 IPI score.

    Plan your Amazon Business with Amazon FBA Holiday Calendar for 2022. To assist you in preparing for 2022, we’ve created this Amazon FBA holiday calendar which outlines the most crucial dates you need to be aware of and the best time to ship your stock to Amazon. It will ensure that you don’t run out of stock and grow.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    The Top 4 Amazon Review Request Templates You Need To Try. In this post, we’ll provide you with four different Amazon review request templates that are fully compliant with Amazon TOS and welcoming enough to make for positive online shopping experiences. They will help you earn brand loyalty and avoid account suspension.

    Amazon Influencer Program 2022 Guide. To build this position, Amazon has taken an active stance by acquiring social media influencers who can bring external traffic to their website organically. Wondering how? It’s the Amazon Influencer’s Program that has been ruling the industry since 1996.

    How to Localize Your Inventory for Faster Shipping in 2022 & Beyond. Shipping experiences can vary greatly depending on issues with labor, weather, and tracking. While there may be times you can assure 2-day shipping, that same priority shipping during a peak season (such as the holidays) is very likely to be extended to 5 days if you don’t plan ahead.

    Complete Ecommerce Marketing Calendar for 2022. The most successful brands organize their participation in sales and sales events ahead of time. So, we’ve put together the complete month-to-month ecommerce marketing calendar of events for shopping that you can find online. In addition, you will find all the significant dates of sales with all the essential sales dates Amazon sellers and online store owners as well. You will know precisely when and how you can delight your customers and grow your sales by 2022.

    eCommerce Trends

    Amazon Brand Lift – The newest tools for Amazon Marketing. Have you heard of Amazon Brand Lift yet? This new feature may still be in its beta testing phase. But, it’s showing signs of becoming the next great tool to improve digital marketing. What is Amazon Brand Lift? How do you use this new data-collecting tool? Let’s jump in.

    Shopify: 2021 Year in Review. For entrepreneurs, 2021 was a year of more change and new challenges. But in times of uncertainty: entrepreneurs find a way. Shopify President Harley Finkelstein takes us on a global journey to celebrate the hard work and achievements of entrepreneurs this year.

    Boost Your Product Launch with the Amazon Accelerator Program. The Amazon Accelerator program was introduced in 2018 to grow the number of brands on Amazon. Just three months after its launch, the marketplace introduced more than 150 new exclusive brands – more than doubling its pre-program figures. Brands join the program because they know that having Amazon behind them is an ingredient for success.

    Creating Video Ads That Convert on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Sick of lackluster campaign results? Wondering if video ads could be the answer but you need a framework to create video ads that convert? In this article, you’ll discover a complete guide to creating effective video ads across multiple platforms including how to write a script, mistakes to avoid, and tips on filming.

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