#189 – The Fastest Growing Amazon Marketplaces That You Aren’t Selling On Yet

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    The Fastest Growing Amazon Marketplaces That You Aren’t Selling On Yet. Are you looking to expand your business to another Amazon marketplace? Amazon Middle East may be a good idea! Today, we speak with an expert in these marketplaces, Krystel Assi, as she discusses the current state of e-commerce in that area, as well as the evolution of the middle east’s marketplaces, why is it a good idea to consider expanding your business there, and tips and strategies you can use when you do!

    The first Amazon focused influencer marketing platform tailored to listing growth, non-incentivized organic reviews, and authentic image/video asset generation. End the year and start 2022 off strong with Stack Influence, a managed Micro-Influencer product seeding platform that scales Amazon brands powered by a network of 11M social media users. Increase your month-over-month revenue while also boosting your brand awareness, generating organic reviews, and accumulating authentic image/video marketing assets with full content rights. CruxFinder subscribers save 10% on Stack Influence campaigns!

    People sell e-commerce businesses for a variety of reasons whether your business has outgrown you, you’re looking to raise capital to bring another idea to life, or you’ve met your goals and projected targets and are looking to move on to newer pastures. Bottom line is, you have an online business for sale and you must identify the most effective, high margin, seamless, and efficient means to accomplish it. Selling an e-commerce business is a little different from selling a physical brick-and-mortar store. We’ll guide you on how to best value your business, and how you can list your e-commerce business for sale in easy steps. provides you with accurate growth analytics, repricer, replenishment forecasting, and cost-effective reimbursements. 89% of sellers that tried Eva are Customers today. With 24×7 support, 15 Mins response time, and an ex-Amazonian team, Eva is ready to help you grow your margins by 25% in 3 months, affordably and peacefully. Get up to $6000 Reimbursement for no charge when you subscribe to Eva Private Label and Reseller Repricer Join Eva Now!

    Amazon Aggregators Raised Over $12 Billion in 2021. Forty-five Amazon aggregators have announced funding rounds, of which 29 raised at least $100 million. More than 40 other firms haven’t announced their funding rounds but are otherwise active. For comparison, the total amount raised in 2020 by the few active aggregators at the time was only around $1 billion.

    Amazon’s fluctuating restock limits are creating chaos for third-party sellers. The e-commerce giant first began restricting how much stock could be sent to an Amazon warehouse in July 2020 (after emergency measures were put in place to prioritize merchants that sell so-called “essential” products). Even businesses with a stellar track record of managing inventory were impacted by the caps.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Grow your business with the newly launched Amazon Seller Central Partner Network. Find apps and services to help manage and grow your business with the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network (ASCPN) 74, which has been launched worldwide. Previously separate sites – Marketplace Appstore and Service Provider Network, are now unified for Sellers to discover over 5000 third-party software and service partners.

    How Two Sellers Have Scaled Up To $20,000,000 In Annual Sales. Listen as they share the lessons and strategies they used to achieve over $20,000,000 in annual sales. Helium 10 Elite sellers, Ankit Patel and Huy Nguyen talk about updates on their businesses this 2021, all the lessons learned, and some new strategies that helped them crush it this year.

    The 8 Best E-Commerce Video Marketing Examples We’ve Seen. People are still obsessed with video. You only have to look at how TikTok has blown up in recent years to see how desperately people want to consume video content. Alongside video-driven channels like TikTok and YouTube, all social media platforms now have the capacity for creating and sharing different types of video.

    The Amazon Savviness Score: The 4-minute Self-assessment Tool For Sellers. What factors reflect “Amazon maturity”, and how does Amazon maturity inform business results? To answer the question, we scored and analyzed nearly 100 clients at Bobsled Marketing to determine their relative Amazon maturity. In analyzing what separates a mature Amazon channel from a less developed one, we identified some key attributes that are indicators of Amazon maturity.

    eCommerce Trends

    How to Run Amazon ToS Compliant Product Launches in 2022. Want to know how to maximize your efforts and results when launching your products on Amazon, without breaking the new rules of the marketplace? Then read on this guest blog post by to find out what works, what doesn’t what is allowed and what is not. Ask ten Amazon FBA sellers what launch strategies are ToS compliant and you are sure to get ten unique answers.

    Amazon’s Policy Clarification on Rebates: What It Means For Sellers. A recent clarification to the policy on promotions providing coupons, discounts and deals outside the Amazon platform sent the seller community into shock.

    USPS Rate Hike to Drive Sellers to FedEx, UPS? Not So Fast. Will USPS rate hike drive online sellers to consider FedEx and UPS? EcommerceBytes spoke to several shipping analysts about the challenges shippers are facing across the board as carriers try to improve their revenue per shipment. Here’s what they had to say, including advice on how to make the right decision about which carrier to consider for your online order fulfillment.

    TikTok Influencer Marketing: What Is It and How Brands Can Get Started. Some marketers shy away from TikTok influencer marketing because it’s seemingly dominated by big names and a younger audience. But the platform’s audience is growing, and it’s easier than you think for your brand to stand out. TikTok’s algorithm and diverse niches make it a place where brands can run influencer campaigns that generate impressive results.

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