#187 – How This Amazon Brand Increased 25% of Total Sales Using Video Ads

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    How This Amazon Brand Increased 25% of Total Sales Using Video Ads. In the competitive world of selling on Amazon, it’s all about maximizing your creative content and sending traffic to your Amazon product listing. To really stand out this holiday season and finish 2021 with skyrocketing sales, having a premium video on your listing is essential! 1 in 5 Amazon visitors has made a purchase as a result of watching a brand or product video. That’s why! Here is a perfect example.

    How does a Retail Supply Chain Work? Supply chain management used to be a topic for retail wonks and inventory experts. Now, the impacts of supply chain failure are featured regularly on the nightly news. If the uncertainty is keeping you up at night and you’re looking for ways to minimize the impact to your successful e-commerce business, Yardline has your back. With our team of Seller Success Managers, Yardline has the tools and resources to help you navigate the changing tides. And with access to up to $1MM in working capital, Yardline can provide you with necessary funding to help you take advantage of favorable terms with suppliers and avoid potential stockouts. Check out to see how we can help you get started.

    What is a Triple Optimized Listing on Amazon? Simply put, it’s a way to permanently boost conversion rates & grow traffic to your products, completely TOS-safe. The results can be substantial, and it’s probably not what you think. Check out the article here.

    SmartScout is a next generation brand, seller and category Amazon research tool. Study the million brands in our database and get an unparalleled view into Amazon data. Tools for wholesale and private label sellers that no one else has created. Use coupon code CRUX50 for $50 off your first subscription.

    Amazon’s never-ending fake reviews problem, explained. Those five-star reviews are reassuring. But what if a seller asks you to write one — for cash? This isn’t a new phenomenon. Some Amazon shoppers accept refunds and gift cards in exchange for positive reviews, despite the company’s ban on the activity. The e-commerce giant calls these “incentivized reviews,” because they come from real shoppers who are paid for their positive opinion.

    Walmart Adds 5,000 Chinese Sellers to Marketplace. In October, 20% of all new sellers on Walmart were from China. That’s still less than on Amazon, but the ratio on Walmart is likely to continue to increase. “Chinese sellers have very obvious advantages in the global cross-border e-commerce field,”. Walmart is also the new home for some established Chinese sellers suspended on Amazon earlier this year. Mpow, Aukey, Tacklife, Ravpower, and others have since opened storefronts on Walmart.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    How to Sell on Instagram: 7 Ways to Boost Your Sales Online. Thinking about expanding your product-based business to Instagram, but don’t know where to start… or how to actually make it high in margin and worth the time? Instagram is now one of the more common ways to both shop online and sell physical goods, alongside the giants like Amazon and Walmart. In 2019, a study conducted by Facebook showed that 54% of responders made a purchase in real-time or shortly after seeing a product on Instagram.

    How to Get Your E-Commerce Website to Rank in the SERPs. It’s probably fair to say that all e-commerce website owners want the same thing: higher visibility on search engines and more sales. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to get your e-commerce website to rank higher. The following article details proven methods to optimize your website and get more online attention.

    Influencer marketing is the top marketing trend – Hubspot survey of 1000+ Brands. Hubspot surveyed 1,067 global marketers from across B2B and B2C companies from small to large employee sizes. The sample included professionals at varying experience levels from seven countries: the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, UK, France, and Japan. Read on to learn about some of the most interesting key findings, get strategic recommendations based on data, and find even more blog content that dives even deeper into our research.

    How To Create High Margin Amazon Marketing Strategies. There’s so much that a seller can and rather should do when it comes to their marketing efforts on a platform as massive as Amazon. Amazon marketing strategies encompass a plethora of activities that one can undertake to promote and scale their Amazon business. In this article, our friends at SellerApp share the best tips to boost your sales on Amazon with the appropriate marketing strategies.

    eCommerce Trends

    Shopify merchants break records with $2.9 billion in sales. Shopify announced a record-setting Black Friday with sales of nearly $2.9* billion from the start of Black Friday in New Zealand through the end of Black Friday in California. This represents a 21% increase over Black Friday in 2020 when sales by Shopify merchants surged 75% over 2019 driven by COVID-19 lockdowns, and is more than double their sales on Black Friday 2019. Collectively, merchants on Shopify generated peak sales of nearly $3.1 million per minute.

    Marketplaces offer sellers new tools, services and incentives as competition heats up. Online marketplaces are introducing new tools, better terms and wider chances for sellers as they look to broaden the number of merchants who sell goods on their platforms. According to experts, the marketplace that stands to be the biggest riser as retailers look for new places to sell is the one run by Walmart Inc. “Walmart today is what Amazon was back in 2014,”

    Chinese firm harvested millions of Amazon customers’ data and sold it to Amazon’s own 3P sellers. In 2018, third-party companies were scraping customer data thanks to one of Amazon’s own programs. The Chinese firm used the system as a backdoor to collect troves of the data and compile it in a service dubbed AMZReview  that was advertised to Amazon’s third-party sellers to help them boost their rankings.

    Advertising Tips for E-Commerce Brands. The holidays are here – it’s one of the best times of the year to be doing eCommerce, as everyone’s looking to get themselves or their loved ones something for the holidays. If you’re planning to advertise your products to make the most of the holiday , here are a few tips to help you out.

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