#186 – Amazon Hits Third-Party Sellers with Fee Increases in January 2022

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    Amazon Hits Third-Party Sellers with Fee Increases in January 2022. Amazon notified sellers that it plans to surge the fees to sell products on its marketplace platform effective January 18, 2022. The company justified the fee hike by claiming that it had doubled its US fulfillment capacity since the start of the pandemic, spending over $15 billion on expansion projects, including salaries.

    Are you an Aggregator Navigator? Josh Dittrich, Founder of exited 2 businesses in 2021 for more than $10 Million and has now made it his mission to help other Amazon Sellers maximize their exit to an Aggregator. CruxFinder subscribers can get his upcoming Kindle ebook packed with nuggets for anyone planning to sell their Amazon brand. PLUS, connect with Josh to ask questions on the selling process, deal structures that pay big, and tax planning to keep more of that cheddar. Grab 30 mins Pro Bono on his calendar or claim your free book today.

    With 2021 nearly in the books, sellers are looking to plan their 2022 marketing spend. Learn how investing in editorial channels can help boost organic rank, improve SEO performance and even improve PPC performance.

    Prepare for the holiday season and improve your bottom line with lower ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ fees! Juno runs a free group purchase organization that helps members access discounted financial products. It is currently representing 200+ ecommerce businesses seeking to pay lower transaction fees for Buy Now, Later services (e.g. Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna, Sezzle, Zip). If you currently have a buy-now-pay-later checkout option, or are looking to incorporate one, this is an chance to slash costs. Joining the group is free and does not obligate you to do anything. Store owners can join until Dec 1st, after which Juno will finalize negotiations with Buy Now, Pay Later providers. The larger we grow, the more leverage we have to get lower rates.

    Zendesk Offers Exclusive Discount for Amazon Sellers. Amazon sellers trying Zendesk for the first time can claim up to 20% off Zendesk’s world-famous support software. With the help of their new Amazon integration, support teams have been able to answer up to 300% more messages than before.

    Amazon to stop accepting Visa’s UK-issued credit cards. Amazon will not accept Visa credit cards issued in the United Kingdom from next year because of the high transaction fees charged by the payment processor. Amazon customers can still use Visa debit cards, Mastercard and Amex credit cards, and Eurocard.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Why you should add product videos to your Amazon listings. As crucial as your listing copy, images, and A+ content are, adding product videos to your Amazon listings can vastly improve the customer experience. Since a customer cannot physically interact with your product before deciding to purchase, the way you present your product on your Amazon listing is the customer’s only experience with it. If you want to make an exceptional experience on your listing and grow your conversions, you should consider creating a product video.

    Amazon Brand Referral Bonus: What Amazon Is Giving Sellers. This summer, Amazon launched a new program for brands that it’s calling the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program. This is probably one of the coolest growth chances Amazon’s given sellers.

    How to Easily Create Quality TikTok Ads. Want to level up your TikTok ads? Looking for inspiration? In this article, you’ll discover tips and tools that will help you create engaging TikTok ads without expensive design tools. Who can take advantage of the program, how does it work, and is it worth it? We’ve got you covered with all the answers, including tips and tricks you might not have considered.

    Amazon Ads: Top Tips and Expert Strategies. If you want your Amazon business to succeed, you need to leverage Amazon ads to the fullest and build a robust advertising strategy. Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising allows brands, agencies, and third-party sellers to bid on high-converting keywords to advertise their products, which will eventually be displayed in Amazon’s search results and on competitor product pages.

    eCommerce Trends

    How to List Product Bundles on Amazon. An Amazon product bundle is made of two or more complementary products sold together in one listing. Providing value and convenience, the customer can get everything they need with one click. Here’s an example of what a product bundle could look like on Amazon.

    An Intensive Guide to Google Ads for ecommerce. Google Ads is the most effective form of PPC (pay per click) advertising on the planet. When someone wants to buy, two out of three(!) of those Google searches result in clicking on an ad. While Google Ads is the most effective marketing platform on the planet, it isn’t right for everyone. So, it’s imperative to determine Google Ads is right for your eCommerce business before you can hit the ground running.

    The FTC Guide for Online Endorsements. What influencers and brand owners should know before posting sponsored content. If you’re an e-commerce brand, you’ve probably looked at paying influencers or other content providers to promote your products. It’s fairly straightforward to create and share sponsored content, but do you know you can get in trouble for it?

    How Amazon Accounting Software Can Grow Your Store’s Margin. How do you as an Amazon seller measure success? A common answer is “total sales.” But you could be making a lot of sales and still not be as margin-making as your potential. “There are a number of issues that even large or long-term Amazon sellers don’t figure out.” Many sellers are leaving money on the table because they lack the tools to properly assess all their financial data.

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