#182 – Amazon launched a new tool to help sellers identify opportunities

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    Amazon launched a new tool to help sellers identify opportunities to launch new, high-potential products to serve unmet customer demand. Opportunity Explorer is a tool to explore customer demand for new product ideas. The new tool will track metrics like search term volume, sales history in a given category and pricing trends. Opportunity Explorer allows you to understand Amazon customer search and purchasing behavior to evaluate if there is unmet customer demand, and an opportunity for you to meet that demand through new products.

    Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business, don’t miss THE conference of the year, Own Your Future, Growth Edition on October 27 to get the inspiration, insights and lessons that will shape your path to growth. This virtual conference brings you rare access to a suite of top-shelf online business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, founders and funders who are slaying it by buying, optimizing, growing and successfully selling their businesses.

    Are you still searching for a reliable international payments solution for your Amazon business? PingPong exists to provide global business accounts and capital management solutions to significantly reduce business’ time and costs when receiving or paying internationally. Get access to instant payments to 170 countries, open 11 virtual accounts to send and receive local currencies, pay suppliers instantly, including to China. Keep in mind that are no maintenance charges or costs to open an account.

    Planning for the holidays just got easier with this Amazon Seller holiday planning resource hub. From checklists to guides, everything you need to proactively manage your inventory, optimize your ads, and even drive last-minute Q4 sales can be found here. You’ll even get tips for preparing holistic strategies from Amazon experts.

    Inside Walmart’s SEO Strategy That Drives $53 Billion A Year In E-commerce Sales. Walmart expanded its third-party partners from 7,000 sellers in early 2017 to about 80,000 online merchants currently. In 2021, Walmart reached $43B USD in Ecommerce sales, a more than 70% growth year-over-year. We’ll show you how they used replicable SEO strategies to get there.

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Top Facebook Marketing Strategies For Amazon Sellers. In this episode, Manuel Suarez is here to share his serious Facebook marketing strategies to help grow your Amazon brand. Plus some very juicy strategies on how to do marketing for your brand – whether it would be on Facebook, your own website, or on other platforms.

    How the Best Amazon Sellers Are Reducing Their Customer Service Email Response Times. Meeting and maintaining Amazon’s buyer-seller contact response time (CRT) target can be challenging for any size business. Amazon sellers, including large direct-to-consumer (DTC) enterprise brands that use the marketplace, must respond to buyer messages within 24 hours to maintain Amazon’s customer service assurance.

    Handling Returns On Amazon: New Performance Dashboard. Processing returns on Amazon is something that businesses of all sizes have to deal with at some point. Therefore, becoming familiar with the new Returns Performance Dashboard on Seller Central is paramount to keep their business up and running.

    How to Sell and Advertise on TikTokLet’s start with the most obvious question: should you use TikTok for your business? Or, actually, why is TikTok even a thing for businesses? To answer those questions, let’s point out the main differentiating features of the platform from the other social media channels out there.

    eCommerce Trends

    Highlights From Amazon’s Biggest Online Conference, Amazon Accelerate 2021. In the online event, Amazon announced a range of new tools, programs and services to help brands build relationships with customers and growth their sales and scalability.

    More than 100,000 Brands Have Joined Amazon U.S. Store in 2021. More than 100K brands have started selling in Amazon’s U.S. store so far this year, with sales by brands up 60% year over year.

    How to Handle Amazon A-to-z Guarantee Claims. If a buyer contacts you with a complaint, make it a priority to respond quickly and attempt to resolve the issue directly with the buyer. An A-to-z claim can impact your seller account health and Order Defect Rate (ODR).

    WhatsApp rolls out ‘Collections’ to make it easier to shop. WhatsApp is launching a new feature called “Collections” to make it easier for users to shop for items using categories. The Facebook-owned platform is rolling out catalog collections to small businesses around the world starting today. For instance, restaurants can create collections featuring appetizers, entrees and desserts, while a clothing store could add collections for men’s clothes, women’s clothes, shirts, pants and more. Once shoppers have browsed collections, they can add items to their carts and send the order to the business.

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