#178 – Amazon Sellers Q4 Survival Guide 2021

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    10 New Metrics From Amazon for Sponsored Brands Video Campaigns. Coming soon, every Amazon seller will be able to see new metrics tied to Sponsored Brand Video (SBV) campaigns that will help them to better understand just how well their video ad campaigns are performing. Sponsored Brands video campaign metrics will now show 10 key metrics.
    Amazon Sellers Q4 Survival Guide 2021. This guide will cover all the best strategies we and many of our 7 and 8 figure Amazon seller clients have used to dominate Q4 sales in past years. Q4 October to December is a different beast altogether. The FOMO is justified, brands make upwards of 70-90% of their annual revenue in the fourth quarter alone. Each year seems to smash the previous year’s all-time sales record.
    Why Experienced Amazon Sellers Use Advanced Repricing as Their Secret Weapon in Q4 to Protect Margins Whilst Boosting Sales. Have you wondered how experienced sellers manage to get more Buy Box, sell more with high margins and avoid running out of stock during the busiest time of year? The answer lies in automating pricing, with some simple but clever, tried and tested strategies.
    Get an accurate valuation of your Amazon FBA store in minutes. Leveraging our rich set of Amazon FBA sales data, our Flippa Valuation Tool will provide you with the industries most accurate business valuation. Demand for Amazon FBA Stores have never been in higher. Amazon FBA Stores sell regularly for between $50K-$5M on Flippa. If you are considering selling, visit for more information today.
    Grow your Amazon business using the latest ecommerce insights & growth strategies. Join Linn Academy on October 6 & 7 to hear from speakers including Facebook, eBay, Payoneer, IMRG, Big Commerce, Forrester, Kraft Heinz, Hotel Chocolat, ShipBob, Gorgias, Ruby Has Fulfillment, Inventory Planner and many more. Session topics include growth strategies for marketplaces and social commerce, supply chain management and how to mitigate risk, inventory planning in uncertain times, strategies to drive conversion in the customer journey, and much more.
    Are Amazon’s arbitrary re-stock limits giving you headaches? With Q4 just around the corner, many sellers find themselves unable to send the desired quantity of products to FBA due to these unpredictable restrictions. Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! offers a solution. They store your products outside of Amazon and drip feed the inventory into Amazon as re-stock limits allow.
    Are you selling on Shopify and finding it hard to scale the business? Feeling stuck in your eCommerce business? Not sure if you’ve set up your Facebook ad targeting properly? Or maybe you just have questions on what you should focus on, based on where you are, and where you want to be? Kandy helps eCommerce businesses to scale up to 7 & 8 figures. Get a 30-minute complimentary consultation (worth $250) using the discount code: CRUXFINDER
    Why Ecommerce Brands Need Video. Video has become hugely important for ecommerce brands to capture attention and bring their products to life. With new options like Sponsored Brands video on Amazon and the ability to use video in product listings, sellers want to know how to create videos that will work for them.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    The Brand’s Guide to Going Viral on TikTok. Recently, more brands are considering using TikTok to build a strong fanbase and reach out to a broader audience, especially younger generations. Users from Gen Z love sharing and promoting videos to their peers. So, when you’re popular on this platform, it’s more likely that you will see a surge of traffic to your business’s official page.
    Proven strategies to get more reviews using Amazon Vine Program. You need to find all avenues to obtain product reviews if you want your product to succeed on Amazon. Customer feedback builds trust and social proof that your product is worth buying. This is particularly important when a listing is just a few months old.
    7 Outdated Amazon Strategies (And What Brands Should Be Doing Instead). Too many brands are utilizing irrelevant Amazon strategies in every phase of the marketing funnel. With more sellers trying to target a wider audience, no product category is safe from the growing threat of fierce competition. The only way to get ahead is to throw out the Amazon tools that aren’t working for you!
    The Top 22 Amazon Chrome Extensions: Pluses & Minuses. In order to keep your business competitive on Amazon, you have to be constantly monitoring what other sellers do: keywords used, products sold, perks offered… There’s truly a lot to consider. And here’s where Amazon seller tools can be of service. They normally come in two formats – as web apps or as extensions for Google Chrome.
    eCommerce Trends
    How to Sell More with Walmart Marketplace: Your Guide to Success. Walmart Marketplace is a strategic channel merchants should consider in their omnichannel strategy. Third-party sellers get significantly more exposure on compared to Amazon. In this guide we’ll dive in on: Why Walmart Marketplace is right for your business, How to get started with Walmart Marketplace, Best practices and success strategies to drive sales.
    Amazon says it’s permanently banned 600 Chinese brands for review fraud. Remember when gadget vendors Aukey, Mpow, RavPower, Vava, TaoTronics and Choetech started mysteriously disappearing from Amazon’s online storefront, and it turned out Amazon had intentionally yanked them while vaguely gesturing to the sanctity of its user reviews?
    Amazon Partners With Lendistry on Short-Term Loan Program for SMBs. Amazon and Lendistry announced a joint pilot program, Amazon Community Lending, aimed at driving growth chances for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) selling in Amazon’s store. The program is a new business financing option through Amazon Lending.
    Amazon Chargeback: Handle Customer Claims Like a Pro. For many sellers, there is nothing more tedious than dealing with an Amazon chargeback. These types of incidents occur when shoppers contact their bank directly to dispute a charge on their card related to a purchase they were not satisfied with.

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