#175 – Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers

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    Black Friday Tips for Ecommerce Store Owners. Spending rose nearly 22% year over year to $5.1 billion on Thanksgiving Day. On Black Friday, online spending jumped by about the same percentage to a total of $9 billion. Holiday shoppers went online Monday and spent $10.8 billion, setting a record for the largest U.S. internet shopping day ever.
    Walmart Search Brand Amplifier (SBA) Now Available via Platform Partners. If you want to dominate search, this is invaluable, as customers are two times more likely to view an SBA placement than any other search ads.
    Looking for a 3PL service provider? Don’t just work with any 3PL. Hire the experts.
    Rakuten Super Logistics is Your Trusted Amazon Partner for 20+ Years. Rakuten Super Logistics is the all-in-one solution for Amazon retailers. As part of the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, you can seamlessly integrate your store and deliver orders to all of your Amazon customers within 1-2 days anywhere in the US.
    Get a $500 sign on this month when signing on to daily Amazon payouts or a capital advance with Payability! Payability offers daily accelerated payouts and capital advances to eCommerce sellers. With just a five minute application and no credit scan, Payability can offer your business the funding it needs to continue your growth.
    Q4 is coming and Amazon FBA sellers need to make sure that they send all their inventory to FBA on-time. The problem is, when you ship your inventory to FBA , some of it will get lost, damaged, destroyed and overcharged with FBA fees. Between 1-3% of your FBA inventory will get affected with such issues. GETIDA is a global leader in FBA auditing and can help you get the maximum FBA reimbursements that you are eligible to receive. Get $400 in Complimentary reimbursements to get started!
    How a small skincare brand stretched its budget through influencer marketing. SKINN takes a non-discriminatory approach to product seeding, meaning that the brand is open to inviting everyone – from traditional social media influencers, to skincare experts, to other brand fans – to try its products and spread positive word-of-mouth.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    5 ways to improve your Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) on Amazon. RoAS stands for Return on Advertising Spend. It’s a metric that measures how much revenue you’ve made in sales for each dollar you’ve spent on ads. Essentially, it tells you whether or not your ad campaign is working.
    How to find Products to launch using Amazon’s Brand Analytics Tool. What is brand analytics? Brand analytics is something that is available to only registered brands on Amazon. Therefore, if you are a registered brand on Amazon, you’re going to see a “Brands” area on your menu in Seller Central. And so you can then click on “Brand Analytics”. You will see that there are lots of different features there.
    Why Amazon Sellers Should Consider Selling on in 2021. Have you thought about how to sell on Walmart’s marketplace is now Amazon’s main 2021 competitor. Here are a few comparisons.
    How to Create WhatsApp Ads. Do your prospects and customers prefer WhatsApp to Messenger? Have you considered WhatsApp ads for your business? In this article, you’ll find out how to set up your WhatsApp business account and use Facebook ads to let WhatsApp users call or message your customer support team with a single click.
    eCommerce Trends
    Everything you need to know about selling B2B on Amazon. In this article, Amazon Expert James Pitts sets out everything you need to know about getting in on the act before your competitors and selling B2B via Amazon Business.
    Data and Trends – Top U.S. Imports from China for 2021. Let’s dive into the data on U.S. imports from China to see what has changed over the years, identify the kinds of products China ships to the U.S., and project how China’s trade numbers will evolve in the future.
    The Reason Behind the Mass Suspension of Chinese Amazon Sellers. There’s been a mass suspension of Amazon sellers recently. But why does Amazon seem to be fixated on Chinese business owners?
    Walmart Fulfillment Services: What Sellers Need to Know. Walmart Fulfillment Services can make order management less time-consuming and costly for sellers. Sellers who want to meet Walmart’s performance standards and expectations understand the part that fast delivery at a low shipping cost plays in their success.

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