#173 – How to setup Amazon Brand Referral Bonus to increase your margins by 10%

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    Amazon Brand Referral Bonus

    How to setup Amazon Brand Referral Bonus to increase your margins by 10%. The Brand Referral Bonus program gives brands an high chance to earn a bonus from non-Amazon marketing efforts and improve their advertising efficiency. On average, Brands can earn a 10% bonus from their qualifying sales. All brand owners selling in Amazon’s US store are eligible to enroll.

    Seller Rocket is best known for getting products into Amazon Editorial Recommendations, but we also offer recommendations with ample benefits on sites like Wirecutter and Bestcovery. Come join us for an info session and live Q&A where we’ll discuss how native content recommendations work, what the benefits are, and prove why using them concurrently with Amazon Editorial Recommendations is a best practice.

    Flexe is helping FBA sellers save 80% on storage and achieve greater flexibility this peak season with the Flexe FBA Storage Program. If you want to keep your products in-stock at FBA fulfillment centers, minimize lost sales, and maintain healthy inventory levels, the Flexe FBA Storage Program might be for you. See if you qualify for Flexe FBA Storage Program.

    Your chance to star in Amazon Pay’s Gift Guide. Amazon Pay is offering merchants a chance to participate in its annual Gift Guide, which highlights new products and merchants to Amazon customers, who are shopping during peak season. In order to be eligible, all you have to do is register and launch Amazon Pay on your website by October 15, 2021.

    The Impact of Amazon Reviews on Sales Performance. Picture yourself as a consumer looking to buy a set of new copper pans on Amazon. The results on the first page can be quite overwhelming as they all look the same, but what’s one of the factors that’ll make you click on a certain product vs. the rest? Most likely the number of reviews.

    How TikTok drives D2C success. Thousands of D2C brands are selling on TikTok. Although it has a reputation as a digital playground for teens, the 60% of TikTok that’s Gen Z still has an estimated $143 billion in spending power. Plus, the other 40% of users is nothing to ignore. TikTok shows viral marketing at its finest, making it ideal for any brand that can build campaigns around short clips.

    Sales Growth StrategiesWhy Your Best Amazon Keywords Stopped Working. It’s pretty alarming to check on your Amazon ad campaigns and find that the keywords you think should be driving your business are doing nothing for you — or even worse, wasting your ad spend. The question is: why did your best Amazon keywords stop working?

    What’s a Good Amazon RoAS? So, what’s a good RoAS on Amazon? The industry says the average is around 4 but there’s more to it than that — it really depends on your positive margins. The good thing is that you can figure out the exact RoAS you need for your ads to drive highest margins.

    6 steps to create a highly converting ‘Featured Offer’ to grow your Amazon Sales. Amazon’s Featured Offer is a special deal on new products. This link can be found on product detail pages and includes an Add to Cart button. This button allows customers to add the items into their shopping carts. Amazon calls it the Featured Offer when one of your products appears in a product page.

    How to Write Product Descriptions That Attract and Convert. Everyone knows the importance of writing compelling and persuasive product descriptions. However, much to the chagrin of entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters everywhere, we are susceptible to one common mistake: Writing product descriptions that simply explain your products and little else.

    eCommerce TrendsTop 20 eCommerce Influencers by Industry. To help ensure that you listen to the right advice, this post highlights the top 20 eCommerce influencers to follow in fashion, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), B2B, marketing, and eCommerce platforms.

    How Amazon Sellers can stay complaint with EU VAT legislation. Amazon Sellers should use VAT Services on Amazon to stay compliant with the new EU VOEC legislation. Sales made to sellers with an EU VAT registration number may be subject to EU VAT collection under a reverse charge mechanism. It is important to ensure compliance with EU tax laws if your business has been established outside of the EU.

    Filing a Demand for Arbitration When Amazon Refuses to Release Your Money. Our client was selling face masks, a very high margin product during the coronavirus and also a product where the different sellers, including Amazon, are likely mixing up each other’s mess in their inventory. So what does a seller do if s/he is owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from Amazon and it refuses to release money?

    Controlling Your Brand on Amazon: Brand Registry Features and Limits. Brand Registry is a powerful tool for brand owners with products being sold on Amazon. What features does it provide and where does it fall short?

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