#172 – Amazon introduced new Product Liability Insurance requirements for Amazon Sellers

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    Amazon introduced new Product Liability Insurance requirements for Amazon Sellers. Amazon said that it will pay for A to Z claims seeking compensation for personal injury and/or product damage under $1000 and will not seek compensation from sellers who hold valid protection cover. Amazon also announced the launching of the Insurance Accelerator program.
    How to Use Amazon Seller Central Reports to Grow Your Business. When it comes to running a business, you need to make decisions based on the data available to you, to ensure your business is moving in the right direction. Many rely merely on gut instinct when it comes to business decisions, but if you have reliable information, the next steps to strengthen your business are clear.
    Amazon Advertising causing you headaches? Taking up too much time? Sellozo advertising software suite can help you automate Amazon PPC campaigns using AI-Machine Learning and Maximize Your Margins. Sellozo is engineered to help Amazon sellers to grow sales, lower ACoS, and grow margins. Sign up for a 14-day trial and get a complimentary PPC campaign audit.
    Have you ever thought about selling your Amazon FBA business? SellerX buys Amazon businesses, offering sellers a swift, smooth and straight-talking transition. Whether you’re looking to sell now, for advice on exit planning in the future, or even just curious about the valuation of your business; our door is open at SellerX.
    FBA Investors are Branching Out to Content Sites. Here’s Why You Should Too. A key motivation behind acquiring a content site is to secure their FBA portfolio, but not just by diversifying its assets. They’re looking for content sites in the same niches as their FBA brands, so they can use the sites to boost those brands.
    When you sell on Amazon FBA, 1-3% of your FBA inventory will get lost, damaged, destroyed, or overcharged with FBA fees. Make sure to audit your account and get the maximum FBA reimbursements that you are eligible to receive. GETIDA is a global leader in FBA auditing and reimbursements and can help you audit and recover your funds. GETIDA is also offering FBA sellers $400 no commission FBA reimbursements to get started. Enjoy the cash back!
    Sales Growth Strategies
    The Latest Strategies for Getting to Page One on and off Amazon. There are few places where the saying, “It takes a village” is as true as it is for e-commerce and selling on Amazon. Over the last year, Helium 10’s Director of Training and Chief Evangelist, Bradley Sutton has run test after test to try to determine what would become the new CPR number that is at the center of one of our important launch strategies.
    Best practices for proper inventory management and strategies to follow. Inventory management is an integral part of running a successful Amazon business. With it, you lessen the likelihood of encountering two major margin killers: losing sales by going out of stock, and accruing costly storage fees from overstocking.
    What is Amazon Brand Referral Bonus and How Can it Help You Grow Your Business. Amazon launched a new Brand Referral Bonus Program on July 15, 2021. This program aims to help sellers accelerate growth from referral traffic. For now, it is exclusively available to sellers who own a brand and are enrolled in Brand
    How To Grow (Up To Double) Amazon Restock Limits On A Case By Case Basis. Amazon wants to compete with 3PLs for your Multichannel Fulfilment Business. Despite Warehouses being full, Amazon is going ahead with plans to grpw storage space and opening new warehouses for this. In this session I chat with Tal Asad, as we discuss how you can get temporary storage grows in Q3 up to double on a case-by-case basis.
    eCommerce Trends
    How to Rank for the Right Keywords on Walmart Marketplace. You’re an experienced ecommerce merchant who has branding and messaging figured out. You’ve just joined Walmart as a seller, and all seems to be going well until you realize one critical issue the marketplace doesn’t offer individual seller pages. How are you going to stand out to buyers?
    How to use Amazon Brand Analytics for Product Research. With the number of 3rd party tools available for Amazon sellers, it is sometimes very easy to lose sight of the features on Amazon seller central itself. One feature in seller central that Amazon sellers should definitely look into is the Amazon Brand Analytics report. It is a great report for product and competition research.
    What is the Amazon best sellers badge and how to get it. What’s the best way to stand out among hundreds of thousands of products on Amazon? The coveted best-seller badge. It gives customers a quick way to see what’s popular in the category they’re shopping, browsing, or searching in.
    Selling on Amazon: 10 Growth Tips for New Sellers to Get More Sales. Although you might be selling directly on Amazon’s platform, you should be optimizing these listings to rank well on SERPs. You need to ensure that you can quickly identify these keywords and know what you’re offering will rank well.

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