#171 – How to use Prime Day data and trends to prepare for the Holiday Season

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    How to use Prime Day data and trends to prepare for the Holiday Season. Everything needs to come together in Q4. Your inventory management, promotion timing and PPC strategy should be dialed in well in advance of October. A lack of preparation during Q3 can turn a great year into a bad one.
    Take action before it’s too late and avoid repeating last year’s shipping nightmares. Rakuten Super Logistics is the all-in-one solution for Amazon retailers. Rakuten’s eCommerce shipping solutions help you plan your holiday shipments to maximize the value of the transit and put more of your hard-earned money in your pocket this peak season.
    Why Amazon Sellers Benefit From An Email Advertising Strategy. Amazon email advertising opens many doors for ecommerce merchants. As a seller on Amazon, you’re able to take advantage of the company’s platform to reach a huge number of potential buyers.
    How Brands Are Preparing for the 2021 Holiday Shopping Season. 2020’s holiday shopping season was unlike any other that had come before it. Here’s how eCommerce brands are preparing for 2021.
    How to Get Amazon Reviews for a New Product. Hundreds of sellers have made millions of dollars on Amazon but becoming a multi-million dollar Amazon entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. One challenge every seller encounters is that of how to get Amazon reviews that are positive and encourage other browsing customers to buy.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    How to Refocus Your Back to School Selling Strategy on Amazon. Take advantage of what consumers are in need of as the school year approaches – whether kids are going to school in-person, being homeschooled or following a virtual path. There are different needs for all of these students and teachers.
    How to Get Your Product on The Amazon Internet Famous Page. If you’re an Amazon seller or have an online store, you might want to check out the Amazon Internet Famous section. This secret selection is home to products that have become so popular that they’ve reached ‘internet famous’ status.
    How to create a ‘Featured Offer’ on Amazon. Amazon’s Featured Offer is a special offer on new products. It can be found on product detail pages with an Add To Cart button. Customers can then add the items to their shopping baskets using this button.
    How to Start Selling in Amazon Gated Categories. In this primer, we’ll cover everything from which categories are and aren’t gated, why this is the case, and how you can put yourself in the best position possible to gain access to these restricted categories.
    eCommerce Trends
    How Amazon Attribution Can Improve Your Advertising ROI. Driving external traffic to your brand’s Amazon listings can be a great way to reach more customers, grow your rankings, and grow your sales.
    Amazon Seller Success Stories: Morgan of Cajunventures. If you follow #sidehustle activity on TikTok, you’ve probably heard of Morgan. Through her business account @cajunventures, the Louisianan and self-made entrepreneur shares tips with millions of viewers on how to become your own boss.
    What is Amazon Attribution and how to get started (2021 updates). Last month Amazon announced the launch of Brand Referral Bonus, a program that lets brands monetize their off Amazon advertising efforts. On average, registered brand owners selling in the USA can earn a 10% bonus from qualifying off Amazon sales. With the launch of this program, Amazon sellers now have another reason to expand their reach and experiment with ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    Why you should update HTML Tags On Amazon Product Descriptions. If you’re an Amazon Seller, then you should already be aware about the news regarding HTML tags. If you haven’t, we’ll break it to you: As of July 17, 2021, the platform will no longer support the use of HTML tags in the description of product detail pages.

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